Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Earlier today Speaking NACTHPC Conference and AGM Exploring Dementia - Warwick University.



A BIG thank you to Gaenor ,Sarah the NACTPHC committee,team and all the members for the great kindness today 

I was ver honoured to speak today at the AGM and conference 

Thank you for the invite and support to get me there and for the wonderful kindness 



With great thanks to Ann Goddard Complementary Therapy Coordinator Coppice Centre for the kind invite to speak at the complementary & volunteer therapists conference being held  Warwick University on Weds 17th September.

The theme of this years conference is Dementia and Caring 

Thank you Ann for the kind-invite ,I look forward to attending ,meeting everyone and speaking 

NACTHPC Conference and 14th AGM

Exploring Dementia

Wednesday 17th SeptemberUniversity of Warwick, Coventry

9.00       Coffee and Registration -  Engineering  Building
9.30       2014  Annual General Meeting
10.00     Alzheimer’s Society   
 Provides information, practical support and services for people living with dementia and for their families. From Alzheimer’s cafes and telephone support lines to extensive research programmes, the society aims to address every aspect of living with dementia.

10.40    Dementia Friends
Steve Randle
People with dementia sometimes need a helping hand to go about their daily lives and feel included in their local community. Dementia Friendsare volunteers who make a commitment to do something practical in order to make a positive difference in the life of someone living with dementia.

11.10     Coffee and Networking                                                
11.35    Tommy Whitelaw
Tommy’s passion to raise awareness of dementia and the impact on families grew from his own experience of caring for his mum. He is now working on a project collecting stories from carers (‘Dementia Voices’) and travels the country speaking to health and social care workers and others (‘Tommy on Tour’)

12.35     Lunch - Rootes Restaurant

14.00    Namaste Care Programme - Engineering Building
             Min Stacpoole, RN, BA(Hons), MSc 
Namaste means to ‘honour the spirit within’. The Namaste Care Programme, originated in USA, aims to enhance quality of life for those nearing end of life with dementia by providing comfort and pleasure through the stimulation of all 5 senses. Early advanced care planning provides support for people with dementia and their family and enables health care professionals to adapt and utilise existing skills to make life more meaningful even in the very final stages.
Min is lead researcher assessing the benefits of implementing the Namaste Care Programme in UK care homes.

15.00  Massage and Bright Light Therapy for People with Dementia, Kim Forde 
Caring for someone with dementia from the perspective of a daughter who is a complementary therapist, Angela Cardew
 Angela and Kim are both therapists from St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


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