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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Power of Storytelling: Why stories matter. 22 October, Edinburgh, 6pm.

The Power of Storytelling: Why stories matter.
22 October, Edinburgh, 6pm.
The Health and Social Care Academy would like to invite you to a masterclass with Marie Ennis O’Connor, award winning international health blogger in partnership with Breast Cancer Care and MacMillan@Glasgow Libraries
Marie will share her experiences from an international perspective and talk about the power of social media and storytelling to connect and empower as well as transform care.

This masterclass will:
• Explore how powerful storytelling can be for people who use support and services
• Highlight how storytelling can help shape transformational change of health and social in Scotland
• Support learning from lived experience for providers of care
• Support delegates to share their own health and social care experiences.

It would be greatly appreciated if you were able to send this to any of your networks that may be interested in attending and I have attached the flyer for information also.
To register or make any enquiries please email
 or call me  0141 404 0231.

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Monday, 5 October 2015

New Talks Announced October with Scottish Ambulance Service


very happy to announce we have new talks confirmed with the Scottish Ambulance Service for October

GCU academy Glasgow  - Aberdeen and Inverness bases

The first two talks of the tour with SAC where at  the Scottish Ambulance Service Academy at Glasgow Caledonian University is 1pm on the 18th and 22nd of June.  A big thanks also to Karen the academy leader,

Hello Everyone,
What a great end to a fantastic #DAW2015.
Big thanks to Pauline Howie CEO, Victoria Burnhan, Head of Practice Education & Development and all the team at the Scottish Ambulance Service for the invite to give a live webcast to staff across Scotland, along with an invite to speak to staff on a joint tour starting next week and for the new pledge tree to be located at the Scottish Ambulance Service Glasgow Caledonian University.

Laura and Tommy started off the joint work together today with a live webcast with Tommy speaking about our Make a Difference Campaign.  The talk was introduced by Pauline to staff this morning where she announced the new tree and encouraged staff to get involved and asked them to think about the small difference they can make.

IMG_3853  IMG_3855

If you missed it you can view it – here    
The first two talks of the tour be at the Scottish Ambulance Service Academy at Glasgow Caledonian University is 1pm on the 18th and 22nd of June.  A big thanks also to Karen the academy leader, we are looking forward to working together and meeting everyone.
We shall be adding more talks, ideas and initiatives over the next weeks, so keep a look out.
Once again thank you to Pauline, Vicky, Karen and all the Scottish Ambulance Service for a great end to Dementia Awareness Week 2015 and the start of a great partnership on making a difference.
Team Dementia Carer Voices :)

Living With Dementia 4 Powerful Personal Poems from Chris Roberts

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your strong support this week in sharing the incredible poems from Chris Roberts

thank you Chris for sharing such powerful words with us it has been and continues to be a real privilege to display them here.
We hope that you have been as inspired as we have been this week – if you would like to share how these poems made you feel, how they relate to your experiences or if you have any poems of your own you would like to share with us to have published on our blog, please do get in touch.
We will leave you with the inspiring powerful poems written by the wonderful Chris Roberts. To keep up to date with Chris’s latest activity, follow him on twitter @Mason4233

Night times ; Awake with Alzheimer’s

Wide awake at five past three
What on earth awakened me
Why can’t I sleep, why can’t I dream
This is my life now,… would seem
Days rolling into, the darkest night
Surely this,….can’t be right
The endless nights and days,That never end
The bad dreams, that the dark dous’t send
Wandering around the house at night
Trying to find that wayward light
The handles rattle, the handles turn
What is outside you have to learn
My feet are cold,they freeze like ice
Someone shouts ! That can’t be nice
I was only lost, without the light
I didn’t need such a fright !
I just want to sleep and dream no more
Just let me through, sleep’s dark door
The door I look for every night
The Door that’s always just out of sight
Then I’m back in bed
You’re stroking my head
The woman from my dream
My darling wife It would seem !

Looking out of the window in a care home

I look out of the window, staring at the sky.
Just longing and wishing that I could fly
All the noise has gone and at last I can flee,
Leaving all my troubles, right behind me.
My eyes grow bigger, my mouth opens wide,
Into the white, beautiful clouds, I at last collide,
Spinning, turning, and flying carefree
I’m all on my own, just grinning with glee.
Then I fall and fall, screaming so loud
No longer feeling, so tall and proud
Just staring out of the window, looking at the sky,
And again Just Wishing, that I could fly,
And again, I cry !

 “Don’t you look well they cry”

Don’t you look well, they cry !
Don’t you look great !
Well ! If you’d like to be me, let’s make a date !
I’ll give you one hour, and then you’ll see
The darkness that tries, to devour me
You’ll see what drowns, the person you knew,
And the bright hours I have left are only few
Now, the darkness surrounds me and threatens my past,
How long, can days such as these last !
Tears fall all around me, they flood my feelings, they soak my face,
Yesterday’s memories packed away in my case.
I scream quietly, my eyes they retreat .
Trying to remember yesterday is quite a feat !
But with a smile on my face,
I cover, my disgrace.
Tomorrow is another day 

 My memories waver on the edge of reason”
  Trying to be normal is no longer easy
A reprieve would be nice for just one day,
But As I wait, it never happens that way

Younger and younger my brain starts to grow
My emotions jumping, too and fro,
My limbs they tremble when I try to walk,
My voice it waivers when I talk.

All the inner pain no one can see,
Stops myself, being me.
Please understand, what you can’t see

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Sunday, 4 October 2015

4 Years Collecting Life Stories -

With great thanks to the DCV Team 

It’s now 4 years to the day that our very own Tommy Whitelaw began walking around Scotland’s towns and cities to collect the life and love stories of people across Scotland who care for a loved one with dementia. Tommy was a full-time carer for his late mother Joan who had Vascular Dementia, and he felt passionately that no one should have to face the confusion, loneliness and isolation that he himself felt. On 6th June 2011 he began his tour which saw him collect hundreds of life story letters detailing the experiences of individuals caring for a loved one living with dementia.

Since then, he has engaged with thousands of carers through his ‘Tommy on Tour’ blog and as Project Engagement Lead with the Dementia Carer Voices Project at the Health and Social Care Alliance. Tommy has continued to do an incredible amount of outreach work, taking the life and love stories of carers who have written to him, carers we have met in person, spoken to on the phone, heard from through email or through our online survey and shared these with health and social care professionals, students, MSPs and members of the public. As our Project Engagement Lead, Tommy continues to conduct frequent talks to raise awareness of the impact of dementia on families and the importance of empowering carers in carrying out their difficult but vital role.
We’re all so proud of how much Tommy has achieved in the past 4 years, raising awareness of dementia and of what this means for families and carers across Scotland. We would also like to thank each and every one of you who have attended an awareness talk, read our blog, followed the campaign, made a pledge or quite simply asked someone how they’re doing.
Thank you for making this dementia awareness week so successful and thanks to Tommy for raising awareness every day. Together we can make a difference.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

A world outside our Door –but in can feel a thousand miles away


A world outside our Door – but it can feel a thousand miles away

For the last few weeks I have been trying to get healthier with morning and evening walks and runs, I say runs but it’s mostly walking to be honest and I have to say I feel much better for it.

It has been a great way to clear my head before and after meetings, talks and time to think In a much clearer way.  On my walks there have been memories that make me smile and a few that have brought some tears.  It has taken me nearly 3 years since mum passed away to think more about me, who I am, who I was in many ways and to find the Thomas I was many years ago, as caring took its toll on all of who I am.


It has I hope made me a better person and I would not change caring for my mum for the world, she was my best friend and got me through the days and nights I struggled most.   That’s amazing my mum, who was facing so much more than I could change the landscape of the day with a knowing smile or squeeze of my hand.

It almost feels strange to be part of the world that sits outside my door, that’s where the tears come from, we became so isolated from the lives we both knew the world was outside our door then as it is now but it felt so far away.  As our opportunities shrunk to be part of things that had been part of us and our living space shrunk as mums health deteriorated the world outside stretched further out of reach.  If we are truly going to support people to live and die well then we have to support people to reach the world outside our doors and bring the world outside in when we can no longer go on.

If we really want to have a healthier better life in Scotland for people living with dementia their families and carers then we have to support them to reach that world outside their door and keep walking through their doors as we did  before dementia came along.  I feel so much better on my walks physically and mentally and every one of us has the right to be part of the world outside our doors and not be left with the isolation that comes their way to often.

A right to live well and absolutely a right to die well should be supported outside and inside our doors.  So let’s take the time to find out what matters and who matters to people let’s take time to stop the world outside our doors slip further away each day. 



Friday, 2 October 2015

Speaking 600 Nursing Students Glasgow Caledonian University Oct 9th


I am so honoured and excited to announce a talk  Glasgow Caledonian University to 600  students on October 9th 3pm - 5pm.

The event will be chaired by my Director and friend Irene Oldfather, and will consist of a talk from  from myself Irene and Shaun Maher Strategic Advisor for Person-Centred Care and Improvement Scottish Goverment  and will end with a Q&A session with , Irene Shaun  and I. More details will be available soon, it looks set to be a fantastic day 

A massive thank you to Margaret Caldwell Module leader and all the GCU for this unique opportunity to speak to 550 Nursing students. I have had the great privilege to speak at the University on several occasions over the last few years, and was very honoured to give the 2014 Glasgow Caledonian University Masterclass. Many of the students have added inspiring pledges to our campaign, and I’m looking forward to speaking to and hearing from students this year, and hopefully gathering some more pledges to add to our pledge wall.

Thank you Margaret and all at GCU for this opportunity 

Thanks for reading my blog, You can now view my 8 short flims here!
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Make A Difference - Zumba November 21st Paisley lagoon


With great thanks and respect to Cara  

Hi everyone,
Thank you for your help to promote this event. I am a student nurse at UWS Paisley campus and Tommy came to give us his talk at uni last week. I am speaking for everyone who was there when I say that it was one of the most inspirational, heartbreaking but admirable things I've ever heard. I personally had a great aunt, Nancy, who passed away from vascular dementia two years ago. Many of my friends also have relatives who have or had dementia and as nurses we will be looking after people with dementia for many years to come. So I decided after being very moved by Tommys story, that I wanted to do something to help raise money and awareness. 

I work as a Zumba instructor and decided to organise a Zumbathon on Saturday 21st of November from 2.30-6pm at the Lagoon leisure centre in paisley. I have instructors from all over Scotland willing to teach at it many of whom have relatives who have/had dementia and one instructor who sadly lost both parents to the disease. My plan is to have the Zumbathon for the first 2 hours then I have asked Tommy to share his talk for the last hour. I am also looking for businesses to "hire a stall". The stall will be £10 donation towards the funds we are raising for Alliance then whatever money they make on the day is their own to keep. Tickets for the event are £5 for adults and £2.50 for children under 12. You can pay on the day for the event. Any children attending must be accompanied by an adult and a consent form must be filmed out as photographs will be taken on the day if you are interested in getting newspapers involved then that is something I can look into? ALL proceeds will go to Alliance. I am hoping this event will be a massive success for such a great cause. I have made a Facebook event which currently has 63 people attending. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
Cara Goodwin 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

The kindness of people-most of whom I have never met, thank you

Dementia and caring brings many struggles and of course moments of joy, love and inspiration. My mum inspired me many times and amazingly at the most crucial moments when I was really struggling to cope and understand. That kind of sums it up, there is my wee mum facing all that dementia brought and over the last months nearing end of life, but always able to comfort her son and get him through it.

 As a campaigner I am trying to raise awareness, understanding and empower people to help prevent families reaching crisis situations. All too often on our journey we were lost, lonely and isolated but looking back my heart can sometime smile and this is thanks to the kindness of the special people we dealt with.

Like the District Nurse who put her arm around me one day when I was in tears and said “You’re doing ok Tom you’re doing ok.” I can’t tell you how much I needed someone to do that as I was scared of what was happening and scared of letting my mum down.

Or the Nurse ( speach & Language therapist ) who was involved in the last months of my mums life when she could no longer swallow and had been in hospital for a few days. On her returning home I was struggling to get my mum to eat or take fluids and the nurse said call me if you have any problems, so I did and she took the time to pass by after work to sit down to show me again what to do, holding mum’s hand and putting us both at ease.

There is an important lesson here, its people who change lives through their help, kindness and understanding and it is important to celebrate this so that others can take notice and follow.  A big part of my talks is celebrating the people who made our experience better, even if was just for a day. Then there are the amazing carers and families who I have met out and about or online on Twitter or Facebook who have shared their life stories and are the inspiration behind my campaign.

Over and above policies, strategies or reports it’s people who have the potential to transform people’s lives throughout what can be a very difficult and lonely journey. I still smile to think of the special people who helped me and the thousands out there helping others in the same manner, most of whom I have never met.


No one ever asked ,Joan Whitelaw , My magnificent mum

No one ever asked

My wee mum was the kindest most caring person you could ever hope to meet, her ability to love and care for others was inspiring.

Her parents both passed away when she was very young and my mum was brought up by her big sister Agnes along with her other sister my Aunt Blondie. My Aunt Agnes had a large family of her own but cared for my mum and perhaps this was the building block of my mum and made her the caring person she went on to become. My mum met my dad one day and there began a  true love story, two people made for each other and that was the start of a new love story, my parents love for their children. My mum like my dad lived for us and many other family members and friends and was always there to help out in any way she could. She worked hard all her life, especially over the last ten years my dad was alive as his health stopped him from working and took him away too soon. My mum would go out to work night shift after putting me to bed off she would go and work in the thread mill and be there in the morning to get us up for school. Fourteen long years mum worked her fingers to the bone to give her family the best. Across her many jobs she was always the hardest most thought of worker and when my wee dad passed away ten years ago my mum’s heart was broken.

I often thought that my mum would die from a broken heart and later as dementia took its cruellest toll I often questioned what was crueller; to die of a broken heart or to no longer remember the reason that your heart was broken? My mum gave so much to so many people, she made the little things better and she went without so others could be happy or succeed and I miss her. 

This is just a brief description of my mum and if you are reading this you now know more about my mum than most of the people we dealt with since diagnosis till she passed away, because no one ever asked .This highlights one of the biggest issues we faced, too often too many people over the last few years saw dementia first and not much more. Too many people even with the best intentions involved in this journey only saw a wee woman with dementia and that’s where we fail people. My mum was much more than that. If we only use dementia as the starting point, then we deny the life we led and can still lead for as long as possible. The starting point should be the person themselves, their life story, abilities, likes and dislikes.

My mum was kind caring, loving and wonderful friend and over the last few years too many people missed this because they never asked, they simply saw dementia and for that reason, missed out on knowing and understanding a remarkable lady who would have given them so much more than they gave her.

My filmed interview with NHS our story Caring for mum acute service training nhsgg@c 

Guest Post - Julie Sheen on service user led conference World Mental Health Day October 10th


With great thanks to Julie Sheen @JulesSheen  for the kind invite to speak at the  service user led conference she is organizing which will be taking place in Chester on World Mental Health Day (10/20/15).

I am very honored to be invited to speak and support Julie at this event.Julie has kindly supported our 'Make A Difference campaign and tour and in fact held a pledge day last year 

you can read more about  that day and read the pledges Julie collected HERE 

Read Julies very personal story and motivation for putting this event together below 


Please see below the event poster and blog from Julie on service user led conference World Mental Health Day October 10th  

Rethink blog

'I would like to explain what has led up to me organising a service user led conference which will be taking place in Chester on World Mental Health Day (10/20/15).

I have always struggled with my mental health and sadly following a crisis when I was admitted as an impatient to a mental health acute ward some years ago I truly was faced with stigma, particularly from my employers. After 26 years working in children's services I was made unemployed as a direct result of my mental health being deemed as 'too risky to work with children'. At that time the only risk I posed was to myself.

As I progressed through my recovery journey I knew I wanted to return to employment and decided I would like to do what I was talked out of doing at 17 years old. This was to be a mental health nurse, I felt that to add to this my recent life experiences would enhance my practice. Wow the stigma and negative attitudes about this decision shocked me to my core. I was constantly told this was unachievable and that I would be considered a danger to others. What part of being extremely depressed and anxious made me dangerous ? is the question I constantly asked.

However hard people made it for me I kept moving forward with my dream. I commenced my training and despite many times facing stigma and continuing to be told I would not achieve it I qualified with a first class honours degree. Also I was named as The Nursing Standard Student Nurse if the year 2015 as alongside my studies I campaigned for improved support for student's mental wellbeing. As a direct result I was invited to no 10 Downing Street and met with the Prime Minister.

I am now a practicing mental health nurse in a profession I am very proud of. I am also a coordinator of two Rethink support groups in Chester which I enjoy immensely, getting a lot back from group members and fellow coordinators. I am convinced that this peer support has helped me maintain my mental health and remain in work.  Our groups are very active in mental health campaigning in order to challenge stigma. We facilitated success events on Time to Talk Day and wanted to build on these. 

I am a patient leader with West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group, this role involves me ensuring the service user voice is at the centre of service delivery. As a direct result of the impression I made I was delighted to be asked to lead on their work stream of challenging stigma. I was able to use this role to apply for funding to ensure our Rethink group's wish of putting on a service user led conference became reality. 

I have taken the lead in organising top speakers at the conference, including The Chief Nursing Officer for NHS England, but couldn't have achieved this without the support and encouragement of my peers. We are now excitedly planning what is shaping up to an energising and informative day which will shape the future work in challenging stigma and campaigning for improved services in my local area. I was delighted to discover on 7th July that I was listed on the Health Service Journal's inaugural top 50 patient leaders list in recognition of this work and my work with another peer led local mental health charity (Chester PLUS).'

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The Heart of #MakingaDifference is not in controlling, it is in unleashing

I was flicking through my Twitter this morning and came across this quote from #Quality2015

 “The heart of improvement is not in controlling, it is in unleashing" Don Berwick 

For me this really sums our ‘Make a Difference‘ campaign and tour.  

For me "The heart of #MakingaDifference is not in controlling, it is in unleashing "

The campaign is about celebrating and I hope unleashing the kindness and understanding of people. Thepeople who sit by our beds, knock on our front doors or who we  speak with  on thephone,

On every occasion we have the opportunity to make a difference to someone’s day or in fact life. It was people who brought a smile to our day, our hearts and created new paths along the way.

Reading the incredible pledges we have received to date, just over 3,600 people have made a personalpledge commitment to make a difference I feel is giving people the opportunity to commit to , to share and celebrate the difference they/we can all make every time we meet someone.

Dementia for me is everyone’s business, it’s not about organisations or buildings, it’s about the people within and the people we meet, on every occasion it’s about people and relationships. It’s about the life and love stories of families all across the country. So I truly hope the people the pledges the life and love stories are about unleashing what matters, who matters and about unleashing the parts we can all play in every moment, every day and every time 

 " No matter what your role no matter what you do you have the opportunity to UNLEASH  your passion and the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of the people you meet "

Thanks for reading my blog, You can now view my 8 short flims here!
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New Talks Added Today 180 talks confirmed 2015

Our Make A Difference tour continues this year across the country .Last year I had the great privilege to speak at 187 events 

we are  truly inspired with over  4500 pledges we received  to date 

 We will be keeping in touch with individuals,Health Boards ,trusts,groups people who have already pledged to try and support encourage and help fulfill 

Looking forward to meeting more Difference Makers this year     
january 2015
·         14.01.15  Speaking at Carers Connect – Dixon Halls
·         23.01.15  6Cs Live Conference, NHS England
·         27.01.15  3 talks at Warrington Dementia Action Alliance Steering Group 
·         28.01.15  National Conference and Graduation Event for Cohort 5 Dementia Champions, Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh

February 2015

·         03.02.15  Advanced Dementia Consultation Event - Irvine 
·         09.02.15  Attending Dementia Programme Board
·         09.02.15  Manchester Police Carers Support Group 
·         10.02.15  Person-Centred Health & Care National Development Day with Dementia Carer Voices  Stand at the Beardmore Hotel & Conference Centre
·         12.02.15  Speaking for Care Companions in Sutton Coldfield 
·         16/17.02.15  3 talks at University Hospital Coventry   
·         19.02.15  Meeting with Cabinet Secretary at Scottish Parliament - Project Report
·         23.02.15  Speaking at King George Hospital, Illford 
·         24.02.15  The Future Mental Health Conference in London, O2 Arena
·         25/26.02.15  Speaking at ALISS Project Workshop at Gathering S.E.C.C
·         26.02.15  Speaking at Dementia Friendly Bishopbriggs Academy

March 2015

·         02.03.15  Speaking at Cumbernauld College HND Students 
·         04.03.15  Dementia Carer Voices stand at NHS Continuing Health Care Scotland, Glasgow 
·         05.03.15  Supporting Carer Leadership Event Via EPIC
·         06.03.15  Speaking at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh 
·         10.03.15  Speaking at Seabank Care Home, Saltcoats
·         11.03.15  NHS Change Day, Derby
·         12.03.15  4 talks - NHS Tayside AHP Forum 
·         12.03.15  Speaking at Abertay University
·         13.03.15  Attending/Stand SSC Ambassadors Conference 
·         16.03.15  2 Workshops at Asset Based Conference, Glasgow 
·         18.03.15  On discussion panel for Focus on Dementia Conference 
·         20.03.15  National Forum Mental Health at Warwick University
·         24.03.15  Speaking at ICO Conference Centre London – Morning 
·         25.03.15 2 talks  GCU  Nursing and SW  students
·         24.03.15  Speaking at Burton Hospital - Pledges the next steps – Afternoon
·         26.03.15  Stirling University, Highland Campus 
·         26.03.15  Speaking care inspectorate Invernness 
·         26.03.15  RCN Highland Branch 
·         27.03.15  West of Scotland College Paisley 
·         30.05.15  Speaking at Self Management Story 2 talks Telling Event, Dundee 
·         31.03.15  Speaking at Masterclass End Of Life Care, NHS Forth Valley

April 2015
·         01.04.15  Speaking at Making Links Event in Mitchell Library
·         01.04.15  Cross Party Working Group on Dementia, Glasgow City Chambers
·         01.04.15  Speaking with Amanda Focus On Dementia at UWS  
·         07.04.15  Speaking at Pendine Park, Wrexham
·         08.04.15  Social Work Students GCU 
·         14..04.15 Speaking Hull 4 talks 
·         15.04.15  Speaking at 6Cs Conference, Sleaford 
·         16/17.04.15  Hospital Caterers Association National Conference , Glasgow Hilton
·         21.04.15  Speaking at Trust Dementia Conference at Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham
·         24.04.15  2 Talks – TEWY Country Durham, GP Surgeries
·         29.04.15 Raithgates Care Home in Kirkcaldy Fife Council 

May 2015 

·         05.05.15  Dementia Programme Board – Edinburgh
·         07.05.15  Abersford care home Ardrossan 
·         10.05.15  Guest AberdeenFC  with AVCO 
·         12.05.15  Royal Wolverhampton – Nurses Day
·         12.05.15  Speaking at Nursing Conference, Loughborough University 
·         14.05.14  Speaking at Hertfordshire International Nurses Day Conference
·         19.05.15  3 talks Bart’s health NHS Trust 
·         20.05.15  Hinchingbrooke  Hospital, Cambridge
·         21.05.15  Stafford county hospital
·         22.05.15  Speaking Blackpool Victoria Hospital Nurses Conference    
·         26.05.15  Speaking NHS Borders patient experience/stories
·         27.05.15  Speaking Larkhall Community Growers
·         28.05.15  Speaking at Competency update event, Edinburgh 
·         29.05.15  Speaking Nairn 

June 2015

·         01.06.15  Speaking Napier house Glenrothes 
·         03.06.15  Speaking HW Essex - Chelmsford 
          04.06.15  speaking Broomfield Hospial Essex 
          05..06.15 live web cast for Scottish Ambulance Service 
·         08.06.15  Speaking Future-Focused Finance (morning )
·         08.06.15  Live radio guest Jeremy Vine show carers week launch (Mid-Day)
·         09.06.15 -  3 talks Nottingham University Hospitals 
·         10.06.15  Speaking Wakefield  Shaping the future of dementia care
·         17.06.15  Speaking at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
15.06.15  Speaking at I Care Conference, University of Bedfordshire, Luton 

·19.06.15  Speaking at Nursing Conference, Oxleas
·         18.06.15  Scottish Ambulance Academy
·         22.06.15  Scottish Ambulance Academy
·         23.06.15  Speaking  NHS Scotland conference workshop   12:30-13.30
·         24.06.15  Speaking NHS Scotland conference workshop 11:30-.12.30
           24.06.15 on Couch session NHS Scotland Conference 
·         26.06.15  Speaking Cameron House Inverness 
·         25.06.15  ALLAINCE Scotland Conference 
·         29.06.15 Speaking GHA housing support workers 

  July 2015 
                      01.07.15 East Riding Carers Celbration
                      04.07.15 kingsmill CareHome Inverness 
·         07.07.15  Social Workers Barrhead Health and Care Centre
·         09.07.15  Speaking Newcastle Transforming Participation Forum
·         17th,24th,30th,31st Darlington hospital 
21.07.15 2 talks west lothian council 
            22.07.15 Canterbury University 
·         27.07.15  speaking Cornerstone Irvine  
            28.06.15 nursing workshop hatfield 

August 2015 

·         03.08.15  Darlington Hospital
           04.08.15 East Ren CHCP.
           04.08.15 Possilpark Health Centre
           07.08.15 Long term Conditions - Public Health NHSGG
           12.08.15 Annam Cara
26.08.15 SW Clarckston Town Hall 

September 2015
·         2-4.09.15 Alzheimer Europe Conference
·         07.09.15  South Teesside Hospital
·         08.09.15  NHS Fife
·         10.09.15  Preston University
·         16.09.15  University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay Trust
·         17.09.15  Speaking UWS Paisley Campus 2 talks
·         18.09.15  Speaking UWS Ayr Campus 2 talks
·         21.09.15  Speaking Sunshine House Wigan
·         22.06.15  Speaking Bereavement Conference 
·         23.09.15  Talks with Ben #Valumaker 

·         24.0915  Speaking UWS Hamilton Campus 2 talks
·         25.09.15  Speaking HFMA South West Branch Executive Committee
·         28.09.15  QNI Annual Conference 
·         29.09.15  Masters in healthcare leadership East of England 

October 2015
·         05.10.15  Huddersfield University 
·         06.1015   Scottish Ambulance Association at GCU
·         07.10.15  Speaking to Physiotherapists in Aberdeen
·         09.10.15  GCU Nursing Students
·         10.10.15  Chester Plus Mental Health Awareness
·         12th,13th 14th & 15th  Tour with HW Essex
·         16.10.15  UWS Dumfries Campus 
·         17.10.15  Open University at GCU
·         20.10.15  MH Team Largs
·         21.10.15  Round Table Blackpool Hospital 
·         22.10.15  Speaking Always Events London
·         23.10.15  Speaking HMFA The Eastern Branch Annual Conference 
·         26.10.15  Stirling University
·         30.10.15  Scottish Ambulance Service Inverness

November 2015 
·         02.11.15  Speaking NHS Fife learning session 
·         03.11.15  2 talks Elgin for Council
·         04.11.15  Durham District Nurses
·         05.11.15  Speaking Shrewsbury 
·         06.11.15  Speaking ACAP Nurses Conference
·         10.11.15  Moray College, Elgin
·         11.11.15  2 talks Elgin for Council
·         11.11.15  Gartnavel Diabetic Patients Group
·         16.11.15  Glasgow University
·         18.11.15  Speaking Age UK Annual. Conference 
·         19.11.15  Speaking Clips Conference 
·         20.11.15  Health Education West Midlands NHS
·         24.11.15  Marie Curie End of Life Care Conference
·         24.11.15  PCHC Conference Glasgow 
·         25.11.15  Carers Conference East London 
·         26.11.15  RCN Birmingham 

·         27.11.15  Healthcare Support Worker Conference Oxleas
·         30.11.15  County Durham

December 2015 

February 2016 

          25.02.16  Alzheimer Scotland summer ball Inverness   

March 2016 

Parliament Poster 1 Parliament Poster 2 Parliament Poster 3 Parliament Poster 4
Make a difference 2014 

            20.01.14  Letters, Life and Love Stories Concert    
·         21.01.14  Spoke at Peace Hospice, Watford    
·         22.01.14  Spoke at 6C's Live Event, London   
·         27.01.14  Spoke at Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham   
·         28.01.14  Spoke at BCDA dignity event, Birmingham 

·         03.02.14  University of Edinburgh - Nursing Students  
·         04.02.14  Stow College - Health and Social Care Students   
·         05.02.14  St Andrew's Hospice - Airdrie   
·         06.02.14  Presentation to Crosshouse Hospital NHSaaa  
·         06.02.14  University of Abertay    
·         17.02.14  Royal College of Nursing  
·         18.02.14  8 Pillar Test Sites Learning Session 1   
·         19.02.14  NHS Fife - Dementia Champions   
·         20.02.14  University of Edinburgh - MSC Integrated Service Improvement  
·         24.02.14  NHS Highland Palliative Care Event  
·         25.02.14 NHS Grampian/ Robert Gordon University NHS Grampian - Presentation  to board and 4 talks at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary to medical students in ARI.
·         26.02.14  NHS Grampian / Robert Gordon University - Moray College Elgin and Acorn Centre Inverurie
·         27.02.14  NHS Grampian / Robert Gordon University – 4 talks to nursing students  

·         03.03.14  NHS England Expo Manchester
·         04.03.14   NHS England Expo Manchester
·         05.03.14  Inverary Talk - Caring Connections and the focus is on creating a person centred network in Argyll and Bute, across health, social care and third sector  
·         07.03.14  Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh   
·         11.03.14  Senior Charge Nurses event – Beardmore Conference Centre   
·         12.03.14  Monklands Hospital, Airdrie  
·         17.03.14  Reid Kerr Collage Nursing Students
·         17.03.14  NHSGGC Tour Western Infirmary 3rd Floor Function Suite 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm (2 talks)
·         18.03.14  NHSGGC Tour Inverclyde Royal IRH Education Centre Upstairs 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm (2 talks)
·         19.03.14  Year 1 addiction sessions - Glasgow Caledonian University   
·         20.03.14  NHSGGC Tour Royal Alexandria Hospital Medical Education Lecture Theatre 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm (2 talks)
·         21.03.14  Gartnavel General Hospital Lecture Theatre Post Graduate Centre 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm (2 talks)
·         24.03.14  NHSGGC Tour Western Infirmary 3rd Floor Function Suite 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm (2 talks)
·         26.03.14  Dementia Post-Diagnostic Support HEAT Target Event - Beardmore Conference Centre   
·         28.03.14  James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough   

·         31.03.14  NHSGGC Tour Royal Alexandria Hospital Lecture Theatre 2 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm (2 talks)   

·         01.04.14  NHSGGC Tour Gartnavel General Hospital Boardroom 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm (2 talks)   
·         02.04.14. NHSGGC Tour Western Infirmary 3rd Floor Function Suite 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm (2 talks)
·         03.04.14  OT forum East Renfrewshire (morning)
·         08.04.14  NHSD&G Tour - Waverly Medical Centre Open session x2 and Palmerston Football Club Closed Session (Invite only)
·         09.04.14 NHSD&G Tour - Conference Room Crichton Hall Open session x2 and Alzheimer Scotland Resource Centre, Gordon Street meet and greet with lunch.
·         10.04.14  NHSD&G Tour - Tribunal Room Midpark Hospital Open session, Conference room Crichton Hall Session with dementia champions and Howgill Centre, Treastaigh, Annan Open session
·         10.04.14 Masterclass Caledonian University
·         21.04.14 Maple Villa Livingston Dementia unit for challenging behaviours
·         22.04.14 speaking Sandywells NHSGG staff conference 
·         24.04.14 Speaking opening of Dementia Friendly Kent 
·         28.04.14  NHSGGC Tour Glasgow Royal Infirmary Boardroom 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm (2 talks)    
·         29.04.14. NHSGGC Tour Victoria Infirmary Practice Development Classroom 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm (2 talks)  
·         30.04.14. NHSGGC Tour Vale of Leven MR1 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm (2 talks)

·         01.05.14 Speaking Sunshine House Wigan
·         06.05.14 Hosting Webinar NHS England Leeds International Nurses week  
·         06.05.14  NHSGGC Tour  Glasgow Royal Infirmary Boardroom 1-2pm and 2.30-3.30pm (2 talks)    
·         07.05.14 Speaking Care Inspectorate Conference  
·         08.05.14 NHS Borders Dementia Awareness Event  
·         09.05.14  NHSAA Crosshouse Hospital 
·         12.04.14 Carers Dementia Support Group Edinburgh
·         13.05.14 Unveiling plague at Heartlands Hospital Birmingham
·         14.05.14  Scottish Practice Nurse Association Conference – Perth
·         15.05.14  NHSAA Ayr Hospital
·         19.05.14  ALLIANCE Annual Conference – Pollock Halls Edinburgh
·         20.05.14  Speaking at University of Abertay
·         22.05.14  NHSAA Crosshouse Hospital
·         22.05.14  Ardeer Centre, Stevenson - Care at Home Frontline staff event
·         27.05.14  NHSAA Ayr Hospital
·         27.05.14  Person Centred Care Conference – Make a difference stand 
·         28.05.14  Person Centred Care Conference – Make a difference stand 
·         20.05.14  Speaking at Moray College – 8 pillars Launch

·         03.06.14  Speaking at County Hall – Irvine for North Ayrshire Council
·         03.06.14  NHS Annual Conference - attending
·         04.06.14  NHS Annual Conference – attending
·         05.06.14  Speaking at Voluntary Action South Ayrshire Conference
·         06.06.14  NHSGGC Podiatry Development Day
·         10.06.14  Speaking at SG dementia event
·         11.06.14  NHSAA Ayr Hospital 
·         12.06.14  Brooksby Medical Centre, Largs - North Ayrshire Council Staff and carers
·         13.06.14  Central Borders Conference
·         17.06.14  Speaking to Birmingham Social Workers Seminar
·         18.06.14  Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust and Rowley Regis Hospital
·         18.06.14  Salford University – Nursing and Social Work Students 
·         19.06.14 Meeting Cabinet Secretary for Health Parliament 
·         19.06.14 NHSAA Crosshouse Hospital
·         20.06.14  Speaking at Southern General - NHSGGC
·         20.06.14  NHSAA Ayr Hospital 
·         25.06.14  Speaking at COSLA Event  - Link worker project
·         25.06.2014 Speaking at Care Inspectorate, Administration Staff
·         26.06.14  NHSAA Ayr Hospital
·         26.06.14  Speaking at Beardmore conference centre – Facing the future together 
·         27.06.14  Speaking in Birmingham – Masterclass to Social care sector via BCDA
·         30.06.14  NHSAA Crosshouse Hospital

·         01.07.14  Attending Cuppa Club – Albany Centre
·         02.07.14  Dementia Café with Croy, Ayrshire
·         03.07.14  Speaking #BeGoodBeSocial Scotland's third sector social media gathering
·         08.07.14  North Wales Dementia Tweet-up Conference
·         09.07.14 Speaking Essex Lloyds launch   
·         15.07.14 Sunflower Dementia Gardens, Wrexham Hospital
·         23.07.14 Speaking at Carr Gomm Community Event Argyll and Bute
·         24.07.14 Person Centred Talks with Person Centred Greater Glasgow and Clyde
·         28.07.14 Cuppa Club, Glasgow
·         30.07.14 Dementia Conference Warrington Hospital

·         07.08.14 Speaking to Occupational Therapy Team South Ayrshire
·         11.08.14  Speaking Crosshouse Hospital NHSAA
·         12.08.14 Attending Promoting Excellence Board

·         15.08.14  Speaking at Ayr Hosptial NHSAA
·         20.08.14 Speaking at Quarriers Bridge of Weir Event
·         26.08.14 Speaking at North Ayrshire Council for Tony Fisher 
·         27.08.14  Speaking at Drumchapel Hospital 
·         29.08.14  Session for Social Media for Social Good in Glasgow
·         29.08.14  The Crossreach Dementia Ambassadors Conference in Perth

·         1.09.14 Speaking at Teeside University, Nursing students
·         09.09.14  NHS Highland Tour – Belford Hospital Fort William
·         16.09.14 Speaking Glasgow University, Nursing Students
·         17.09.14 Speaking at Warrick University
·         18.09.14  Speaking at Burton Hospital, Burton on Trent
·         19.09.14 University West of Scotland Ayr; 2 talks
·         26.09.14 Hertfordshire University

·         01.10.14 Speaking Ailsa Hospital, Ayrshire
·         03.10.14 End of Life Care Event, City Hospital Birmingham
·         04.10.14  Portobello Book Festival
·         7-9 10 14 DCV Exhibition stand at SG
·         08.10.14  6Cs Live Conference in Birmingham NHS England
·         10.10.14 Lanarkshire Acute Care for Older People
·         14.10.14 Hope Café Lanarkshire
·         15.1014   Abertay University 
·         20.10.14  Speaking at City Hospital Birmingham
·         21.10.14  Filming Make a Difference Film with NHSAA
·         22.10.14  Filming find your voice at the ALLIANCE
·         23.10.14  Speaking at Dundee University
·         24.10.14  2 events – Social workers in Warrington
·         27-30.10.14  NHS Highland Tour – 12 Talks
·         31.10.14  HMFA Scotland Conference in Perth
·         31.10.14  Citizens Advice Direct AGM (Evening)

·         03.11.14  Sunderland City Hospital - Planning for your future care conference 
·         07.11.14. Speaking at Burton Hospital
·         12.11.14  Wolverhampton End of Life Care Conference
·         13.11.14  NHS Western Isles Tour (Moved to Feb)
·         17.11.14  Speaking to Glasgow University Nursing Students
·         19/11/14  NHS Tayside Podiatrist Conference  
·         20.11.14  Derbyshire NHS Trust End of Life Conference (Moved to December)
·         21.11.14  Speaking to Nursing Students Hertfordshire University
·         24.11.14  Speaking at Retreat in York
·         26.11.14  Protected Learning Time GP Practices, Murrayfield

·         02.12.14  NHSGGC Learning Session
·         02.12.14  General Practice Conference in Lothian 
·         04.12.14  Derbyshire NHS Trust End of Life Conference
·         05.12.14  Cohort13 Senior Charge Nurse Conference
·         05.12.14  Social Media for Social Good Event
·         11.12.14  Speaking at North Cumbria Hospital
·         15 +16.12.14  5 talks for Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Trusts 
Thanks for reading my blog, You can now view my 8 short flims here!

Thanks for reading my blog, You can now view my 8 short flims here!
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