Monday, 28 March 2011

Thanks to the LTCAS and to Asda in Govan


Big thanks to Susan Brooks and Nancy Grieg, who were kind enough to include a bit about my walk in their latest bulletin. You can read it here - LTCAS - latest bulletin.

Thanks also for the support of Liz Doherty, Events Leader at Asda in Govan, for putting up my posters and generally spreading the word, as well as helping me to get a printer.

Cheers folks, you're all brilliant!


Friday, 18 March 2011

Some of my supporters are definitely on the ball...


The Rangers FC Charity Foundation are helping me to collect more letters from carers as part of my 'Tommy on Tour' campaign. I'll also be stopping in at Ibrox stadium as I walk through Glasgow on Monday 6th June.

Thanks to Marion and Irene at Carr-Gomm for allowing me to talk at their Forum earlier this week. It was a great experience. I wish I'd said a bit more, but I'm hoping that what I did say helped to get lots of other people interested in my walk. 

It's amazing to get so much support and good feeling from so many people. Thank you to everyone who's supported me so far - it means the world to me.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hot to trot!

A big thank you to the team at Strathclyde Fire Brigade HQ in Hamilton, who'll be cheering me on my way as I go from Glasgow to Motherwell on the first day of my walk. Cheers for all your support!


Interview with Cardonald Courier


The latest edition of the Cardonald Courier - the student newspaper for Cardonald College - has an interview with yours truly all about my walk. You can read it here - Cardonald Courier (I'm on p. 10).


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The walk itself - where I'll be and when...


Here's a few more details about my walk:

I'll be leaving from the front of Bellahouston Sports Centre at 10am on Monday 6th June. There'll be refreshments supplied,  if you fancy coming over to see me off! From there, I'll walk to the Alzheimer Scotland conference for Dementia Awareness Week at the Royal Concert Hall. That afternoon I'll be heading over to the Motherwell FC ground for a cup of tea.

After that I'll be walking through Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth, eventually ending up in Edinburgh at the end of the week. Will keep you all posted when I have more information.


Talking at the Carr-Gomm Scotland Forum

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that I'll be talking at the Carr-Gomm Scotland Forum on Wednesday 16th March at:

Glasgow Palace of Arts
1121 Paisley Road West
Glasgow, G52 1EF

The whole day is packed with useful information for carers. I hope you can come along. Thank you to Marion for inviting me along.


My mums name was Joan ,my Mum Had Dementia - our Story 9 Short Films

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