Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Positive Meeting with Maureen Childs Edinburgh City Council ………….

A big thank you to Maureen Childs from Edinburgh city council who got in touch a few weeks ago after hearing about my campaign
We met at Edinburgh City Cambers today and spent time discussing the campaign, letters and thoughts and opinions from the many carers I have met over the last year
I left Maureen with a report, DVD, articles from the press about the tour and a letter from Alzheimer Scotland CEO  Henry Simmons  about my campaign and a draft manifesto for all Edinburghs 59 city councilors
Maureen has promised to hand out at the next meeting
Thank you Maureen for your time . help and interest in my campaign
thank you also to kirsty for coming to support me


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Meeting at Edinburgh CC tomorrow ……….

Meeting at Edinburgh CC tomorrow ……….

Looking forward to meting Maureen Childs tomorrow at Edinburgh city chambers to talk about the Tommyontour campaign

Maureen got in touch a few weeks ago after hearing about my campaign, I look forward to discussing the people I have met along with the letters, thoughts and opinions from families dealing with dementia across Scotland




EastRenfrewshire carers thank you ……………….

Big thanks to Mark and all at EastRenfrewshire carers for inviting me to attend the group meeting in Barhead today.
We had a chat about dementia, caring and a viewing of the Tommyontour film. I made some new friends and got some more thought and opinions from  carers and families facing the same journey as my wee mum and I
It was a lovely day and thank you, I hope to meet  them all again at the joint coffee morning  with the Age Concern dementia centre on march 22nd back in eastwood toll  

Back in the news again!


Couple of wee media updates. There's an article in today's Herald by Russell Leadbetter (who's done some brilliant coverage about me and my mum already), talking about the focus on improving things at local council level. You can read it on the Herald website here - Alzheimer charity in dementia alert.

I was also on Radio Scotland's 'Call Kaye' programme this morning, as part of their discussion about hospital care for people with dementia - Call Kaye - 28/02/12.

A big thanks to all who called and text the Kaye Adams show today giving support to my awerenes campaign
thank you


Tommyontour Goes Global

Tommyontour Goes Global

Hi all

The Tommyontour campaign is now being followed in North America, Russia, Canada and Australia amongst others
I have been in contact with a few other campaigners and organisations worldwide and we are discussing the campaign to date


if you have time send good wishes from Scotland to Australia via facebook below

Dear Tommy
Thank you so much for your video. As we have embarked on a political campaign ourselves we were very interested in seeing how you have targeted politicians in Scotland.
Would you be happy for us to share this video on our Facebook and Twitter pages: and @AlzheimersAus
Look forward to hearing from you.


Monday, 27 February 2012

Meeting Carers and Families in Eastwood

with thanks to all at Eastrenfrewshirecarers and Age Concern Dementia cantre for holding a joint coffee morning for me to meet carers and families to discuss the ongoing tommyontour campaign

Eastwood Dementia & East Ren Carers Coffee Morning

Speaking at NHS, AOD PFPI Steering Group Meeting March 13th


A massive thank you to Daniel Connelly form NHS Glasgow community engagement team for organizing the chance for me to talk to the Acute Operating Division’s Patient Focus & Public Involvement steering Group on march the 13th this group will be by Chaired by Rory Farrelly, Director of Nursing for Acute and will include group members ,this will be a great opportunity to talk about the campaign ,the letters ,the people I have met over the last year and life caring for a loved on with dementia ,I also hope this will lead to further talks and awareness raising within the care sector
Thank you to all involved for this great opportunity

Meeting NHS Board Members Tomorrow Then EastRenfrewshire Carers

Meeting NHS Board Members Tomorrow Then EastRenfrewshire Carers

Looking forward to a busy day tomorrow, I will be meeting with NHS Glasgow board members to discuss the campaign and ways of the talking the thoughts and opinions from people I have met and have sent letters to staff within Glasgow NHS .We are also looking at ways of promoting good service and models already out there
After that I will be over to meet mark and group members from EastRenfrewshire carers over based at Eastwood toll, we are going to discuss the campaign carer issues and have a viewing of the Tommyontour film
I look forward to meeting and making new friends

Open invitation to All councilors ………….

Open invitation to All councilors ………….

With local elections in the near future, I would like to send out an open invitation to any councilors who would like to learn more about dementia and caring for a loved one
On my dining room table I have hundreds of letters from all over Scotland describing life, living with and caring for a loved one suffering with dementia
Feel free to come round meet with my mum (who has vascular dementia) and I and get a cup of tea and read some letters
Tommy and wee Joan (my amazing wee mum)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Meeting with NHS, Community Engagement Team Tomorrow

A good Sunday morning to all

I will be meeting Daniel Connelly from the NHS community engagement team tomorrow ,we are going to discus the letters and thoughts of people I have me over the last year on this campaign .we/I are hoping to arrange some dementia awareness talks along with showing my short film at NHS events

Friday, 24 February 2012

My Wee Mum

I love my mum; she sacrificed so much when I was young and I’m happy to care for her at home now. But life as a carer can be incredibly hard. I want to raise awareness of this illness – something that affects so many people across Scotland – and of what it’s like to be a carer.


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Quarriers Feb Bulletin Features Joan and Tommy’s MAP


This months Quarriers bulletin has piece about the Map faccilited by Caroline brown and Ryan Bowie, it was quite an amazing thing to do
In fact the story of both my mums and my own life hangs proudly in my wee mum’s bedroom wall and I have a wee look at it every morning
I also handed the Deputy first minister a copy when we met earlier this month as her name features on it in my hopes and dreams for a better future for all facing dementia in Scotland


DVDs of Tommyontour awareness film shown at parliament available

Dear all
I have a few copies of the Tommyontour film shown at the Scottish parliament available, if you would like to help me raise awareness and would like a copy to show at groups
Please get in touch

Renfrewshire Carers Alzheimer's Support Group invites Tommyontour

Good Norning ....
Big thanks to Duncan Ainscough from Renfrew carers for inviting me to meet carers at the Alz/Dementia Support Group meeting on the 5th April, at Norcroft Medical Centre in Paisley
I look forward to meeting all who attend.
Renfrewshire Carers are based in the old Embroidery Mill, my wee mum Joan worked in the thread mill in paisley for 14 years and was in my opinion the hardest worker they ever had

Thank you and see you all in April


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Eastwood Dementia Centre and East Renfrewshire Carers’ Coffee morning

Eastwood Dementia Centre and East Renfrewshire Carers’ Centre 22nd march

Big thanks to Markina and Mark for hosting a joint coffee morning for me to come and meet carers and families they work and are in contact with ,
I look for forward to meeting everyone and discussing dementia, caring life in Eastwood and the Tommyontour campaign

The Princess Royal Trust, Glasgow West Carers Centre invite to meet carers


Big tanks to Maureen Bowers who runs the Dementia Support group for carers. For inviting me to meet and chat with the group on march 2nd
I look forward to chatting about the group. Caring issues, awareness and the Tommyontour campaign with some new friends
Thanks also to Lynn Williams for helping spread the word on my campaign

Glasgow North East Carers Back To Meet Good Friends

Glasgow North East Carers Back To Meet Good Friends

Hi all
I am happy and proud to be invited back to meet and chat with GNEC on March 15th .this amazing group has given great support to my awareness campaign
Through friendship, letters, appearing in the DVD and speaking on my STV news coverage last week about dementia and caring
Can’t wait to catch up with this amazing group of people


South Ayrshire Carers Centre Group invite me to visit

South Ayrshire Carers Centre Group invites me down
A big thanks to David Roxburgh from South Ayrshire Carers Centre for inviting me down on March 28th to meet carers from north and south Ayrshire who attend the group,
I look forward to meeting them and chatting about ,caring, the letters, life in Ayrshire and my Tommyontour campaign
Thank you for the invite and i look forward to meeting everyone


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tommyontour Itinerary More Talks And Meetings..................

Tommyontour Itinerary Feb/March

Feb 16th speaking at city chambers (got motion approved for cross party dementia and carers group gcc)

Feb 17th meeting with social works and adult services

Feb 20THmeeting with east Renfrewshire carers

Feb 20th meeting with age concern dementia centre

Feb 27th NHS community engagement team (discussing involvement in community engagement)

Feb 28th NHS meeting with non ex Vice chair and board members (Discussing awareness and involvement in projects )

Feb 28th guest on Kaye Adams show
Feb 29th meeting with Linda Pollok carers at home

Feb 28th 1st meeting carers @ east Renfrewshire carers (morning)

March 1st speaking at Glasgow City College social care students (mid day)

March 2nd meeting with PRTC west carers centre Dementia group

March 5th meeting with care inspectorate (discuss files handed over in January)

March 7th Meeting with Jim Pearson and David berry
March 8th Speakin to 80 Pallative Care practionares at Hospice

March 9th Carer’s link meeting and taking at blether group

March 13th speaking at Acute Operating Division’s Patient Focus & Public Involvement steering Group

March 15th Glasgow north east carers meet and talk with group

March 22ND Meeting carers age concern dementia centre and east Renfrew shire carers joint coffe morning

March 28th South Ayrshire Carers Centre Group meeting and talking with group

March 29th speaking at Carr Gomm forum

April 5th Renfrewshire Carers Alzheimer's Support Group

May 9th meeting with deputy first minister at parliament

June 18th speaking at Alzheimer Scotland conference

Dementia. A Couple of Questions for Carers and Families

Along with receiving life stories, I am hoping to ask people I meet to answer the couple of questions below as I believe Along with raising awareness and tackling the issues we should try and promote models that work in our communities
So I would like to ask the following.

1) What services and supports would make a difference to carer’s lives where you live?

2) Can you please identify any examples good support that you have received where you live?

I will take the answers to the above questions to all local authorities (starting with the new cross party group on dementia and carers at Glasgow city council) and then at national level to the Deputy First minister on May 9th

You can e mail me direct at
Or send to
letters and life stories
Tommy whitelaw
39 Crosslee Street

Alzheimer Scotland invite Me to Speak at Conference In June …

Good Morning

A big thanks to Alzheimer Scotland for inviting me to speak at this years conference in June, Alzheimer Scotland have supported my campaign from day one and help me continue to raise awareness and continue my Tommyontour campaign, I am grateful for their support and for allowing me to campaign and speak openly and honestly whilst helping me to continues as a full time carer to get out and raise awareness, I look forward to the conference and will speak as a son ,a carer and a would be awareness campaigner
See you all in June

Monday, 20 February 2012

Carr Gomm Invite Me Back To Talk At Forum ……

Good afternoon
Big thanks to all at Carr Gomm for inviting me back as one of the guest speakers at this year’s forum on March 29th at the Palace of Art BellaHouston.
Irene and all the team who are based at the top of my street on paisley road west have become great friends and supporters of my Tommyontour campaign
And the Carr Gomm forum last year was first group I was invited to speak at when I launched my campaign (I hope I am not as nervous this time)
Its great to be invited back and I am looking forward to spending the day with all who attend this great event

Meeting with New Friends in Eastwood Today

Well I had the pleasure today of meeting Mark from East Renfrewshire carers and Markina from the Age Concern Dementia Centre today
We had a chat about dementia, caring, the Tommyontour campaign and the great work both groups do in their communities ,I am proud and happy to say they have both invited me to meet and talk with carers they are in contact with ,
I will update more once we have some dates agreed and I look forward to meeting and hearing from the people they help support
Thank you both for another inspiring day


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dementia Its Such A Cruel illness ......................................

January 31ST last year i had the first article about dementia and my campaign ,i was reading it this morning as many things have changed ,BUT the heartbreak and isolation and need for help remains
so i thought i would share my story once more


It happened again just today. He has dug out some old photographs of his parents. Their marriage lasted 40 happy years, until Tommy senior’s death from cancer. He was the only boyfriend, the only husband, Joan ever had.
“I can remember why my mum loved my dad,” he says. “But my mum can’t remember the man she loved. It just brought it home to me again, how cruel this illness is.”
He can also remember how, when he was young, his mother would always be the first to help a neighbor in trouble. Now she is in trouble, and it is a burden Tommy, one of Scotland’s 660,000 carers, has shouldered largely alone.
Joan, 71, has vascular dementia, the most common form of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease. It is caused by problems stemming from the supply of blood to the brain. Some 72,500 Scots have some form of dementia.
These last three years have been long and exhausting for Whitelaw, 48. When it is just the two of them in their Glasgow home, he dare not leave for fear of what she might do. He recounts a dauntingly lengthy spell when he could not leave the house at night. “Sometimes, when I speak to her,” he says, “it is a shell I’m speaking to. But she is still my mum.”
There are also financial restrictions to being a full-time carer – he receives just £53.90 in carers’ allowance a week and £79 a fortnight in income support – “but you learn to get by.”
In June, he intends staging a walking tour of Scotland’s key cities, in order to highlight dementia and to reach out to other carers and invite them to tell their own stories.
Tours are in Whitelaw’s blood. Before he took a career break in 2007, he had travelled the world, working in merchandising for rock groups and artists.
He was once global merchandising manager for U2, a job that took him to scores of exotic locations. Other acts he has worked for include Madonna, Sting, Pink Floyd, George Michael, Barbra Streisand and the Spice Girls.
“I had been travelling the world non-stop for 20 years. An office job in London didn’t work out and I was told to take gardening leave. I was burnt out, to be honest. Like many Scotsmen before me, I decided to come home to my mum, to relax for five or six months then go on holiday.
“But I walked in to the biggest shock of my life. I walked back into turmoil, and I wasn’t prepared for it. My mum seemed to be lost in the big world. None of her bills had been paid for a long time. She wasn’t the same mum I had left all those years ago, and spoken to by phone from time to time.
“I put it down to old age – an easy thing for people to say. I realized that things weren’t right so I got a doctor involved, and she was taken into hospital and diagnosed with vascular dementia. My dad had cancer, and cancer has a starting point and a finishing point. In his case, he lasted nine months. But there is no finishing point with vascular dementia.
“Even then, at the outset, I thought I could stay at home and look after her, and maybe do the odd little tour. That was in 2007, and I have been her carer ever since.
“I did the typical thing: I felt I could look after my mum without any help. I went through a year of doing that, but in the end you know you have to accept help – though the people who help you need more help, funding and awareness-raising campaigns.”
He adds: “Until last October, I went 15 months without leaving my home at night, because I can’t leave my mum. If I judge her right, and get a sense how she is, I can leave the house for an hour to nip up to the shops.
“But after an hour her mind wanders, she becomes panicky. You sometimes need to take a deep breath on the doorstep; you don’t know what you’re walking back into. I find myself taking a lot of deep breaths these days.
“I admitted to my GP that I wasn’t looking after myself and had put on three stone. He said in order to look after someone, I had to look after myself, and he referred me to the Live Active scheme at BellaHouston Leisure Centre. I’ve been going there since, and I feel better mentally to deal with my mum.”
Carers in Whitelaw’s situation often struggle to find the right words to describe their journey. “To me,” he says, “it’s as if you are at a certain point on a staircase. At the top is where life used to be for someone. You stay at your level with the person you’re looking after, but you’re never going to go back up the way. You go down one step and you know you’ll never even return to the old one.
“That’s how this illness affects you. The more incapable and confused my mum becomes, the less she remembers, that is how it stays. It never gets any better. Just as you think you are getting the hang of it and adapting to the needs of caring, she moves down another step, and that is where she stays until she moves down another step.”
He has realised, he adds, that not even doctors completely understand dementia. “There is so much more research needed, more funding. I’ve read all the dementia handbooks, they give you a guideline and I am glad they are there – but they can’t tell you how to deal with somebody at three in the morning who is asking to go home and who is getting dressed five times a night. You recognise that dementia affects everyone differently.
“Now I have got my mum a couple of days’ daycare a week, at the Mallaig Road centre. Alzheimer Scotland helps me with befrienders. I have to thank them, my family GP, my local pharmacy and the staff at Elder Park clinic. Without them, it would be impossible to keep my mum at home.”
To coincide with an Alzheimer Scotland awareness week in June, Whitelaw plans to take a week’s respite care and walk between Scottish cities, starting in Glasgow and finishing in Edinburgh, all to raise awareness of dementia.
His old contacts in the rock business have offered to print special T shirts, and he hopes to be joined by volunteers along the way.
“I would like people who care for relatives with dementia to give me letters about themselves and their caring,” he says. “About the sacrifices they make, or even how rewarding they find caring. The idea is to hand all the letters to Msps at Holyrood, so they can read these real stories from real people, and maybe gives more thought and funding to dementia treatment.”
Alzheimer Scotland, Call 0808 808 3000 for information and support. Tommy’s page is at His Just Giving page is: www.
£23bn cost but it’s the funding poor relation
Dementia costs £23 billion each year in care costs and lost productivity, according to Dementia 2010, a study for the Alzheimer’s Research Trust. This is more than cancer and heart disease combined – but the true social cost is incalculable, said Liberal Democrat MP Paul Burstow in a foreword to the report.
Some 55% of the cost of supporting sufferers comes from the pockets of unpaid carers like Tommy Whitelaw.
Author Sir Terry Pratchett OBE, patron of the trust, who was diagnosed in 2007, has described Alzheimer’s as a “dreadful, inhuman disease”.
Dementia directly afflicts 820,000 people in the UK, yet is the funding poor relation. For every pound spent on dementia research, £26 is spent on cancer research and £15 on heart-disease research.
The Alzheimer’s Research Trust’s chief executive, Rebecca Wood, referring to “hundreds of thousands of devastated lives”, said: “If we spend a more proportionate sum on dementia research, we could unleash the full potential of our scientists in their race for a cure. Spending millions now really can save us crippling multi-billion pound care bills.”


Thank You For The Letters And E Mails ..................

a big thank you to all who have sent letters and e mails so far .I am sitting down this peacefull sunday morning catching up on all the correspondance so far ,I believe the letters and life stories will help guide those in power to a better direction and standard of care along with greater understanding on how we live
keep the letters coming our letters will help peolpe in the future who will face what we have or do at this time

thank you all for helping raise awerness

Tommy and his wee mum Joan

Meeting New Friends In Eastwood …………………..

Good morning
Looking forward to going to meet some new friends who run care groups in Eastwood tomorrow, Markina from Age Concern Eastwood Dementia centre got in touch along with Mark from east Renfrewshire carers ,so I am dropping in tomorrow morning while I have a befrienders in for a few hours to sit with my wee mum ,I look forward to meeting them and hear about the work they do in their community and hopefully arrange a chance to attend a group meeting to talk about my awareness campaign and show the film ,I thank them both in advance for inviting me along


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Collecting Letters Raising Awareness....................................

Dear all

As mentioned before I will be returning to meet the deputy first minister on May 9th to continue our discussions re living with and caring for a loved with dementia

I will hand over more letters received since our last meeting,

For the visit in May , I am looking to hand over letters about levels of care in the community you live in ,I want to along with raising and tackling the issues we face celebrate and promote models and groups that help families through this journey

I feel this will help groups or individuals get the support they need to continue helping others this will also help us find out the different help and support funded and supplied by local authorities

You can e mail to

Or send to

Tommy whitelaw


Crosslee street




Friday, 17 February 2012

Positive Meeting with S.W. Glasgow And City Councilor


I had a very positive meeting today with Ann Cummings and Stephen Fitzpatrick from SW and Matt Kerr from Glasgow city council
We discussed dementia, caring the campaign and some ideas for the future
I will post more details once I hear back from Ann in the near future


Thursday, 16 February 2012

Motion At C.C. Thanks To All For The Support


Council recognises the inspirational efforts of Tommy Whitelaw in raising awareness of the issues effecting the carers and families of people suffering from Dementia through his “Tommy on Tour” campaign supported by Alzheimer’s Scotland.
Council agrees to set-up a Cross Party Working Group to engage with carers and to ensure that the services provided to carers are appropriate to the needs of the carers and those suffering from Dementia and that the Working Group’s findings be presented by Council to the Scottish Government.

Moved by
Councillor John Flanagan
Seconded by

Councillor David McDonald

Meeting with Social Work Glasgow ………….

I will be meeting with Stephen Fitzpatrick and Ann Cummings for a wee chat and update on my campaign today,I hope to discuss a positive awareness campaign in Glasgow
This is the second meeting and I hope we can come up with some positive ideas on awareness
Matt Kerr from Glasgow city council is also going to be there

City Chambers Today …………………….

City Chambers Today …………………….
Was at the city chambers today in committee room three showing the film, and speaking with councilors who dropped by about caring, dementia and the campaign
I handed out a report on the letters and copies of the film, thanks to John Flanagan for looking after us today and to David McDonald for his help also
Cathie and Susan from Alzheimer Scotland where on hand to support me and handed out copies of the dementia strategy and other Alzheimer Scotland booklets on dementia and awareness
Thanks also to all who dropped in to chat at the meet and greet
I will update more later as I have just got home and have a wee mum who needs me today
There was also a motion raised at the full council meeting but I hade to leave before its was announced to get home to my wee mum
Cathie and Susan stayed behind to listen for me


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Speaking at City of Glasgow College march 1st

A big thanks to Marjory Sutherland for getting in touch to invite me to speak to social care students at the city of Glasgow college on March 1st
It’s a great chance to talk to young students about caring for my wee mum, the campaign, the letters thoughts and opinions from people I have met on this tour
And I look forward to talking to students Who may well work in the care sector in the future


Care Inspectorate 2nd Meeting

I will be attending my second meeting with the care inspectorate on march 5th ,we will discuss the files I handed over early January and some issues that have came up since
I am grateful for their on going interest in my campaign and the issues I have been sent by carers from all across Scotland
I will update more on their findings after the meeting

NHS Positive Awareness Talks ……….

Good morning,

Thanks to Peter Daniels Non ex Vice Chairman of Glasgow NHS and Daniel Connelly from the NHS Community Engagement Team for arranging to meet with me again
We are going to continue to discuss some of the issues brought up on my campaign and within the letters,I also hope to get involved in a positive awareness campaign promoting the models that that work and hopefully arranging some talks with staff to talk about caring for my mum ,the letters and the people I have met on this tour
I strongly believe positive campaigning will help get people the care and understanding they need and deserve
There are lots of amazing people doing great things within the care sector and we should not forget this
So once again thank you for the chance to continue discussions and I look forward to meeting them again early next week


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Carers Link East Dunbartonshire invite me back

A big thanks to Alex and all the team at carer’s link for inviting me back to meet and talk with the blether group on March 9th
Alex came to support me at parliament back in November and I was a guest speaker at their AGM a few weeks later
I have enjoyed my previous trips to meet thisamazing group and I look forward to a catch up in March


Documentary A New Direction ………………..

Documentary A New Direction ………………..
Part of this campaign from day one was to get a documentary commissioned exploring dementia, caring for a loved one, the people I have met on the tour and the amazing people who have sent their incredible life stories
I am setting up some meetings over the next few weeks to see if I can get the help and support needed to make this possible.
I hope to make a film that brings a new understanding of the illness, caring for someone and try and take this story to a new and wider audience in the hope of bringing more help and understanding on our lives caring for someone we love
I will keep you updated on progress as with all in the campaign I will do this on a voluntary basis

Phone Call from A Friend ………………………..

A big thanks to John Cashman from Glasgow North East Carers for taking the time to call today to support me personally
I met John at the group at one of my talks, This groups has been so supportive sending letters,appearing in the wee film and when STV news wanted to speak to someone who sent a letter John was ready and willing John has to be praised and thanked for having the courage to talk about caring for his wife as do Sandra ,Margaret and Irene and I truly believe this will help others seek and accept the appropriate help, I also have to say thanks to all who have sent letters so far you’re words and stories will help guide people in the care sector to a better understanding of all that dementia brings

Keep the letters and e mails coming ,we can all be part of a better future

Monday, 13 February 2012

Speaking At Glasgow City Chambers Feb 16th ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I will be speaking at Glasgow City Chambers thus Thursday the 16th just before the full council meeting, I will speak as a son a carer about dementia and show my wee film, it would be great if you can help by asking your local councilor to attend the committee room I will be talking in ,with thanks to John Flanagan and David McDonald for raising the motion

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Life Stories Keep Arriving, Thank You ………………

I have to say a massive thank you to all the people who have e mailed and posted life stories since my trip to Parliament last November and for the amazing response since the news coverage ,I promise this, every single piece of correspondence will be read and help the powers that be at both national and local level understand living with and caring for someone with dementia in Scotland today ,our life stories just might help families in the near future through this difficult and heartbreaking journey, you all have my upmost respect for the love and care you give and my thanks for sharing the life you lead

If you're a carer and you'd like to send a letter in, you can post it to Tommy on Tour, c/o Alzheimer Scotland, 22 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7RN.
You can e mail you’re story to or
Thank you


Baillieston Community Care Invite Me Back

A big thanks to David from Baillieston Community Care for inviting me back to meet and talk with his carers group ,David and Amanda from the group accompanied me to Parliament on November 10th when I handed over the first set of letters along with showing the film and speaking ,I look forward to meeting with the group again soon


Friday, 10 February 2012

Discussions Continue With Deputy First Minister,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


I have to say thank you to the Deputy First Minister for inviting me back to meet with her to continue discussions about Dementia and caring for a loved one,
Our meeting on Wednesday past was very inspiring and it was great to be able to talk openly and honestly about caring for my mum,the poelpe i have met and the letters along with the campaign to date and future plans,
I left with her an outline on the next steps for Tommyontour ,I hope to keep meeting with carers and famolies but also speaking with local authorities to discuss promoting good services and models already available in the care sector ,I feel its important to tackle the issues we face but at the sane time help promote and direct families to services that currently work and exist .Not having the correct help and care is one thing we need to highlight ,but not having access or knowledge of help and good help that is available is a tragedy in itself
So out next meeting will be may 9th back at parliament you’re views ,opinions and letters will help guide, direct and influence decisions so I ask you keep sharing them
We can all be part of bringing more help; understanding and respect to families who will face what have faced or do face in the future

i have to add it was a difficult day after the news coverage so many peolpe got in toch from all over scotland e mailing stories ,i spent the day reading themail and calling a few peolpe who needed help quickly

thanks to Ann for stepping in to help somenoe get support

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Full Version OF The Film Featured On News Yesterday..................

BBC coverage


The BBC Scotland news item is here - Reporting Scotland on Wed 8 Feb and I'm about 9 mins 35 in.


A Positive Day And A Positive Meeting ………………….

Well yesterday was a whirlwind of a day, I was due to meet with the deputy first minister about the Tommyontour campaign at 5;30 pm
Early morning I appeared on good morning Scotland i then had to dash to Edinburgh after calls form the BBC and STV who have been very supportive of this campaign and the care of people with dementia. After all that I had a very emotional and positive meeting with the Deputy First Minister ,I am very grateful for the meeting and the kind words and promise to help families struggling with this tragic illness ,we discussed future plans and have agreed that I keep her updated  on projects ,progress and the thoughts and concerns of people I meet as I visit groups and families .we have also agreed to meet every 3 months to discuss matters concerning  dementia and the carers and families affected by this tragic illness and all that it brings
Jim Pearson from Alzheimer Scotland came with me to discuss the new national group made up from people brought together by this campaign many of whom sent me letters
This group will be putting a national manifesto together.
Tommyontour will continue and I will also be a member of the new national group I am also in talks with Alzheimer Scotland CEO Henry Simmons about becoming a voluntary carer’s ambassador alongside the Tommyontour campaign, I will update more on this after we finalize and agree a plan that works for us all
 i would just like to say a special thanks to Jamie and Brendan from Enterprise Screens who i met during a short  fundraising film  for Alzhiemer Scotland ,that meeting led to the tommontour short film and thier craft,, support and ideas are of great help and value to me on a daily basis
look out for a very special film in the near future


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

STV news


You can see my wee bit on STV news for the next 24 hours on this link - STV News on Wed 8 Feb. It's at 7 mins 40.


Tommyontour On STV And BBC evening news........................

Hi all ,
In Edinburgh just being doing interviews for the news tonight about the canmpaign
should be on BBC and STV evening reports
sitting in Alzheimer Scotland national office with Kirsty ,waiting for Jim Pearson to arrive before heading round to parliamnet to meet with the Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

On Radio Scotland this morning and STV this afternoon!


Busy day today! I'll be meeting with Nicola Sturgeon again later today, but there's loads happening before that. I was on Radio Scotland this morning, just after 7. But if you weren't up as early as I was, then you can hear it again here -Radio Scotland - Wed 8th Feb (about 1 and a quarter hours in).

STV have called me, so you might be seeing me over your dinner tonight too!

Cheers, Tommy.

Tommyontour Back to Parliament Today……………….

Dear all
I look forward to meeting later today with the Deputy First Minister, I take with me the hopes, Dreams and opinions from the amazing people I have met and have sent their life stories over the last year,I am encouraged by the deputy first ministers continued interest in our life’s and our campaign, I hope to speak today as a son a carer and I hope i can do justice to the amazing people who are the heart and soul of this campaign


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Anas Sarwar Setting Up Some Meetings,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Hi All
A big thanks to Anas Sarwar MP for Glasgow central ,for helping to set up some meeting to help further my awareness campaign .
I met with Anas a few weeks ago and he has helped and is helping me get out to meet with and discuss dementia and life as a carer with more people in positions to help bring change and understanding

Glasgow North East Carers Invite Me Back ……………..

Glasgow North East Carers Invite Me Back ……………..
Big thanks to kaye and all who attend G.N.E.C.  I have had amazing support from day one from this amazing group of people through letters ,shared experiences and involvement in the film ,Kaye called to day to share some thoughts from the group and discuss some issues we as carers have to face and deal with along with wishing me luck for my meetings
I look forward to going back to meet, update and chat with my friends for Easterhouse


Monday, 6 February 2012

Back At City Chambers Today,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Back At City Chambers Today,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I was back at the city chambers today to meet with councilor Matt Kerr, Matt is the lead from Glasgow city council in the new package and partnership with NHS and social work
We discussed this package and ways of expanding the Tommyontour awareness campaign within and out with the local authorities We are meeting again this and the following Friday to continue discussions on ways we can work together on both tackling issues and raising awareness

big thanks to Caroline brown for taking my wee mum an i out for tea and scones . Caroline is trying to bring a bit more social interaction into both our lives
and its lovely


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Deputy First Minister Meeting This Week .............

Good Morning
Looking forward to meeting with the Deputy First Minister this week
I look forward to discussing the content of the letters, the people I have met, and my future hopes and dreams for us all and as an awareness campaigner
And I am grateful for the promise kept since the day I walked into the constituency office last March to say I was doing a walk and instead of being sponsored I was asking people to share their experiences, I asked that day if anyone was kind enough to write would she allow me to visit parliament and hand them over
Well that dream and promise  was both kept and came true on November the 10th last year and I am honored and proud to be invited back to chat about the letters handed over and talk in detail about the amazing caring people I have met
I look forward to posting the details and discussions from the meeting later this week


also please see a wee photo of my personal inspiation for campaigning my wee mum Joan Whitelaw (pictured with caroline brown from the quarriers and me )along with some other carers who made this tour the most amazing journey of my life

Friday, 3 February 2012

City Chambers Talk On Feb 16th .....................................

City Chambers Talk On Feb 16th …………………………….

I met with David McDonald today at the City Chambers; David along my local councilor John Flanagan will be hosting a talk for me at the City Chambers on February 16th
I hope to talk to invited city councilors about the tour, the letters, people I have met, caring for my mum along with showing the film
I will post more details when I have them
I will be meeting with matt Kerr at the city chambers on Monday,


Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Back To Talk At Carers Link ......................

A big thanks to Alex all the team carers and families at Carers link in Milgavie, I have been invited back to talk about my campaign and update on any progress
Alex travelled with me to parliament in November to support my campaign I have met and talked with the group on two previous occasions including their AGM.
And I have to sat the welcome and response was overwhelming, I look forward to catching up and chatting with the blether group on Feb 24th
I acknowledge the amazing work they do and value their interest and support they give Tommyontour

Kaiser Chiefs Tweet the film to 32,000 followers

a big thanks to the Kaiser Chiefs for sending my film out to their followers on twitter,
one of the band members has personal family experience of Alzheimers and its great they are rasing awerness to a younger audiance and helping a carer on his own capmaign

well done and a big thank you from tommyontour


A Week Today................................

Dear all
A week today I have A private meeting with the deputy first minister to discuss the findings on my campaign ,the letters ,the groups I have attended ,the people I have met and life caring for my mum
As my mum struggles with dementia, I as a son struggle to witness this tragedy  
A year ago when I decided to make my mums dementia public I had no  way of asking her permission if this was ok ,a decision I did not take lightly ,would my mum be ok with this ?
Well I believe the answer is yes, as my mum is a wonderful caring woman who helped many people when she was fit and well
Well now my mum needs help, AS DO  I as a son and a carer need help ,along with thousands of others across Scotland
Many of you have contributed to help me paint a picture of living with dementia and life as a carer,
And I ask one last time for help I ask one last time for help in telling the story of caring for someone you love in Scotland today  



My mums name was Joan ,my Mum Had Dementia - our Story 9 Short Films

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