Sunday, 5 February 2012

Deputy First Minister Meeting This Week .............

Good Morning
Looking forward to meeting with the Deputy First Minister this week
I look forward to discussing the content of the letters, the people I have met, and my future hopes and dreams for us all and as an awareness campaigner
And I am grateful for the promise kept since the day I walked into the constituency office last March to say I was doing a walk and instead of being sponsored I was asking people to share their experiences, I asked that day if anyone was kind enough to write would she allow me to visit parliament and hand them over
Well that dream and promise  was both kept and came true on November the 10th last year and I am honored and proud to be invited back to chat about the letters handed over and talk in detail about the amazing caring people I have met
I look forward to posting the details and discussions from the meeting later this week


also please see a wee photo of my personal inspiation for campaigning my wee mum Joan Whitelaw (pictured with caroline brown from the quarriers and me )along with some other carers who made this tour the most amazing journey of my life

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