Thursday, 16 February 2012

City Chambers Today …………………….

City Chambers Today …………………….
Was at the city chambers today in committee room three showing the film, and speaking with councilors who dropped by about caring, dementia and the campaign
I handed out a report on the letters and copies of the film, thanks to John Flanagan for looking after us today and to David McDonald for his help also
Cathie and Susan from Alzheimer Scotland where on hand to support me and handed out copies of the dementia strategy and other Alzheimer Scotland booklets on dementia and awareness
Thanks also to all who dropped in to chat at the meet and greet
I will update more later as I have just got home and have a wee mum who needs me today
There was also a motion raised at the full council meeting but I hade to leave before its was announced to get home to my wee mum
Cathie and Susan stayed behind to listen for me


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