Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Today attending The person centred care collaborative #PCIC4 #Day2

The person centred care collaborative learning session 4 #PCIC4 takes place in Glasgow on May 27th & 28th 

I had the great privilege to speak last year on day 1 about caring for my mum ,the letters I receive and our Dementia Carer Vocies Project  you can view the film here 

Our project also promotes and takes out on tour in our packs the 5 key must do areas  initiative from person centred Scotland  

We have a dementia carer voices stand this year on the theme of our 2014 campaign 
Make a pledge to make a difference 

Looking forward to another 2 days of learning ,hearing from and meeting inspiring people 

A wee sneak preview below of the event brochure 

Proud to be involved again this year 

You can follow the Person centred Scotland team twitter  below or visit their website here 



Person-Centred Health and Care Collaborative – Learning Session 4
People at the centre of health and care
Date: 27-28 May 2014
Venue: SECC, Glasgow
Attendees at this learning session will have the opportunity to listen, observe and share examples of person‑centred approaches to care that support the five “Must Do With Me” elements of care. Most importantly, they will spend time with their local team to plan their person-centred activity for the next action period.
The aim of the learning session is to provide support, encouragement and inspiration to make sure attendees have testing activity in all five areas of the “Must Do With Me” elements.
Tweet your comments and questions to#pcic4
Follow us@PersonCntrdSco

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Everything is forever - Dementia - caring

I cared for my beautiful kind mum at home from 2007 till mum passed away September 2012
My heart ,A heart that  smiled so often whilst caring was broken long before mum passed away  

My mum could do that ,not matter what she faced and facing much greater challenges than I was could always make my heart smile ,that's what mums and dads do they make it better for their children no matter what no matter how young or old thier children are 

Over the years dementia keep changing everything ,Just when we thought we had a routine we had understanding we had a way to make the best of each day ,dementia would change everything 

Everything we thought we knew the day before had shifted ,we would wake up and everything we knew before had changed We had to rethink sometimes re smile but most often struggle to get through the day 

And it was  always forever the changes where always forever .I knew they  where forever I had witnessed forever happening so many times before 

From mum knowing who she was to not, to recognising her life ,home ,all the little things we do for ourselves every day becoming the most impossible task ,to not recognising or the remembering the man she met and fell in love with one day the man who loved mum with all his heart 

The cruelest trick of all the love story of your life taken away 

And for me the big question is

what are going to do to make forevers better for peolpe living with dementia for the families for Carers 

It always felt like a  surprise  pso often to peolpe when forevers came along when we contacted them when we needed more help ,support,understanding,Guidance, chance ,opportunities ,kindness ,dignity ,respect 

It was never a surprise to me ,I witnessed forevers so often 

if we are truly going to support families ,be there for the the forevers as forevers can truly break your heart 


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Thank you - 3rd Year Nursing Students University Abertay Dundee

A big thank you to Sheila ,Robin & the 3rd year Nursing students earlier today at Abertay University 

Thank you for the Pledges ,kindness and for the lovely messages I have received on my journey home to Glasgow 

Thank you for bringing a wee smile to my heart 


A few of the kind students I had the privilege to meet today # OurFutureNurses 

With great thanks to Robin Ion Leader/Lecturer SHS Division of Nursing & Counselling University of Abertay Dundee for the invite to speak to 3rd year Nursing  students. 

Thank you for the opportunity, I look forward to meeting all the students and speaking about my wonderful mum, the letters I receive, the people I meet, dementia, Caring and life stories. 
Thank you 

Earlier  year I had the great privilege  to speak at Abertay University to nursing and mental health students 
A BIG thank you from the heart for all the personal pledges I recoeved  on " you can make a difference " and I am absolutely convinced they will make a difference 

Looking forward to returning and meeting more of the inspiring students and team 


Dementia Carer Voices May Newsletter -


Welcome to the latest edition of the Dementia Carer Voices Project's newsletter, which will keep you up to date with our latest activity.

http://d3tiyb8cgfnlu0.cloudfront.net/deliverables/newsletter/images/spacer.gifThis month we highlight the celebrations for International Nurses' Day 2014 and some great guest contributions to our Dementia Carer Voices blog site, as well as a round-up of our recent and upcoming events.


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Last week a very Emotional & busy week


Last week was a very emotional &  busy week ahead on my "You Can Make a Difference " tour   

On  Monday I was the guest  speaker at the Carers & dementia community support meeting in Edinburgh. It was a great privilege to meet all the Carers and families who attended and to hear about the great support the group gets from Karen and the community support team 

Monday evening I headed to Birmingham  to Unveil a plaque  on Tueday at the Heart of England 

I still can't quite find the words to say how honoured I feel and there have been a few tears before ,on the day and since

Thank you for remembering Mum and for making a sons heart smile thank you from a son 

Wednesday I wad one of the guest speakers Dunblane Hydro at the Scottish Practice Nurse association annual conference  .Was great to meet everyone ,hear about the passion and work from all who attended .BIG thank you to Karen and all the team 

Finaly on Thursday I was back  with team NHSaaa for the 2nd of eight talks with them this week at the Ayr university hospital lecture theatre  this mini tour with Derek ,Janice ,Amanda ,Lynn and NHSaaa has been a wonderful experience so far and I can't wait for the next 6 talks over May & June 


Thursday, 15 May 2014

speaking at the ALLIANCE annual conference #ourfuture14


i am very honored to be speaking at the Alliance Scotland Annual Conference on May 19th 
we will also have a Make A Difference pledge stand on the day 

I  hope if you are there you might come , make a pledge and say hello 


Join the ALLIANCE to explore and debate the future of health and social care in Scotland and how it can create new opportunities for people who are disabled and people who live with long term conditions.  
This event is partnered with the Joint Improvement Team and NHS Health Scotland >
We are delighted to confirm Pennie Taylor, Journalist and health specialist as our chair for the event.  
Highlights of the conference include:
  • ' Referendum 2014 - Health and Social Care Debate', with:

      -  Alex Neil MSP Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing
      -  Neil Findlay MSP Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing
      -  Ron Culley, Chief Officer - Health and Social Care, COSLA
      -  Professor Richard Kerley, Chair, Centre for Scottish Public Policy
      -  Jane-Claire Judson, National Director, Diabetes UK Scotland.
As we move towards this year’s referendum, the focus on Scotland’s future is an opportunity to consider how we want to shape our society, our lives and our approaches to supporting people to live well. 
In health and social care - and public services more widely - we are embroiled in activity that seeks to drive transformational change. 
The Christie agenda, Route Map to the 2020 Vision for Health and Social Care, Integration and our first National Human Rights Action Plan all form part of the backdrop for a fundamental shift in favour of asset-based approaches, co-production and the desire for empowered citizens living in thriving communities.
Please click here for Word booking form or PDF booking form to sign up.
Full agenda for the day is available here
For further information on bookings please contact the ALLIANCE office on 0141 404 0231 or email event@alliance-scotland.org.uk

For information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Events Manager, Justine Duncan on justine.duncan@alliance-scotland.org.uk or call 0141 404 0231
For more information, please contact:
Justine Duncan on 0141 404 0231 or email justine.duncan@alliance-scotland.org.uk

Monday, 12 May 2014

22 May, speaking - Ardeer Community Centre, Stevenston - Care at Home staff Event



With great thanks to Anthony Fisher Team Manage Community Care Older People's Services North Ayrshire for the kind invite to speak at the Ardeer community center care at home staff event 

I have known Tony for a few years now and have great respect for him as a person for the work he does and his team 

I have been a guest speaker for Tony a few times from very early on in my campaign whilst caring for my mum 

Thank you tony for the opportunity speak to care at home staff about caring for my mum ,the letters I receive and my make a difference campaign 

Thank you 



Sunday, 11 May 2014

Today Speaking - delivering compassionate end of life care - conference Birmingham

A few months back I was contacted by  Dr Dawn Chaplin Head Nurse Patient Experience/Clinical Dean for Nursing  Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust and ward sister Helen Seymour to say they would like to name the new therapeutic reminiscence room in memory of my mum ‘The Joan Whitelaw room ‘ after a few tears I replied to say how honoured I feel as a son and thank you

The plaque will be unveiled on May the 13th 2014 as part of the conference below 

The Joan Whitelaw Reminiscence Rooms 

In Memory of Joan Whitelaw, an Inspirational Mother
And in recognition of her Inspirational Son and Carer, Tommy Whitelaw

Caring for Carers:
To ListenTo UnderstandTo Support

Promoting Compassionate Care for all in Hospital

in fact a few tears are coming as I type this

I had the great privilege to speak at the hospitial  a few months back  for Sam Foster and Diane Eltringham in the lecture theatre and met the  great kind caring compassionate  team who work there
Dawn, Helen and the team  have been using our short films and got to know my mum and our story and have so kindly asked to remember mum is such a special way 

Thank you Dawn ,Helen, Sam, Diane and all the team at  Birmingham Heartlands Hospital you have brought a smile to a sons heart today I look forward to coming down later this year to speak at the conference and for the unveiling of the plaque by Helen and say thank you in person

Thank you for the great kindness thank you from a son and from my heart “the kindness of people “

Thank you Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust

Emotional & busy week ahead - Edinburgh - Birmingham - Dunblane - Ayr


I have another busy week ahead on my "You Can Make a Difference " tour  and a very emotional one 

Stating Monday I have been invited to speak at the Carers & dementia community support meeting in Edinburgh 

On Tuesday I will be in Birmingham to Unveil a plaque at the Heart of England conference naming the new  room after and in memory of my mum the  "Joan Whitelaw " rooms and feel a bot tearful typing this. I will also be speaking at their conference that day 

Wednesday I am one of the guest speakers Dunblane Hydro at the Scottish Practice Nurse association annual conference 

Finaly on Thursday I will be back with team NHSaaa for the 2nd of eight talks with them this week at the Ayr university hospital lecture theatre 

A busy and emotional week forthe campaign and tour and I feel a few tears along the way 


Thank you earlier Today Speaking - Carers and community dementia nurseteam event Salvation Army hall Edinburgh



A big thank you to Karen Ritchie Community Dementia Nurse for today 
I had the great privilege to speak at Karens dementia - Carers support group and meet more amazing peolpe 

It was wonderful to meet everyone and share thoughts and experiences with each other and how much the support Karen and her team meant to all the Carers along with the support all the group give each other 

Thank you Kareen and all who attended today #TheKindnessOfPeople 

With great thanks to Karen Ritchie Community Dementia Nurse Allander House Edinburgh for the kind invite to speak to Carers and Staff  who attend two community support groups Karen facilitates 

I met with Karen a few months back through in Edinburgh when speaking for Andy Notman at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Karen has arranged and invited Carers ,staff and wider community to a "make a difference" at the Salvation Army hall Gorgie road Edinburgh Monday May 11th 2pm-4pm 

Thank you Karen looking forward to meeting everyone ,thank you for the opportunity 


Friday, 9 May 2014

wonderful start to tour with NHSaaa - talk 1 Crosshouse Hospital Kilmarnock

We launched the tour with NHSaaa  a few weeks with a presentation to board members NHSaaa 

I would like say a big thank you to Derek Barron and his team Janice ,Amanda & Lynn for organising the presentation to the board and the 8 talks across NHS Ayrshire & Arran  

Today was the first talk of our tour together at Kilmarnock University Hospital in the lecture theatre
We had a fantastic turnout of just over 70 staff and people working and living across the community 

I would like to thank every single person for taking time to come along and for the great kindness 

We have NHSAaa pledge trees for the tour and the board set everything  going with some pledges a few weeks back and today was so inspiring adding over 50 more personal pledges to our trees and campaign 

Thank you also to Fiona McQueen for the kind introduction today and to all the team mentioned above for getting us off to such and amazing start 

It truly is all about people and relationships and I feel very honoured to be working with great people on this tour and to have met so many passionate-people today 

Looking forward to talk 2/8 at Ayr Hospital this coming Thursday  

Thank you team NHSaaa 

Friday 9 May               Kilmarnock Uninversity Hosptial lecture theatre  
Thursday 22 May        Kilmarnock Uninversity Hosptial lecture theatre
Friday 20 June            Kilmarnock Uninversity Hosptial lecture theatre
Monday 30 June         Kilmarnock Uninversity Hosptial lecture theatre

Thursday 15 May         Ayr Uninversity Hosptial lecture theatre  
Tuesday 27 May          Ayr Uninversity Hosptial lecture theatre
Wednesday 11 June   Ayr Uninversity Hosptial lecture theatre
Thursday 26 June       Ayr Uninversity Hosptial lecture theatre

Tour Poster & Dates


Dementia carer Voices at the Care Inspectorate Conference - Shifting Landscapes - Dementia Care


Taken from our Dementia Carer Vocies web - site 


Tommy Whitelaw and Irene Oldfather this week attended the Care Inspectorate Conference – Shifting Landscapes of Dementia Care, in Dundee on behalf of Dementia Carer Voices.

All the team are very proud to partner up with the Care Inspectorate on the Make a Difference campaign.

Tommy was one of the guest speakers at the conference,  sharing information about the You Can Make a Difference campaign and partnership working with the Care Inspectorate.

The Care Inspectorate put together a display of letters from staff to share their experiences, passion and feelings with Tommy on the job they do.

photo 2


A big thank you to Heather Edwards, Karen Anderson, Lindsey Muir and all the team at the Care Inspectorate.  We were privileged to be part of an important day.

Team Dementia Carer Voices




Tommy, Irene and Karen Anderson Deputy Director of the Care Inspectorate


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Earlier today honour to give 6Cs’ webinar - link to recorded webinar from today


With great thanks to Jen Keward Patients experience manager and Jennifer Ribbands
Project Officer – 6Cs Live!Nursing Directorate NHS England for the kind invite privilege and amazing opportunity to host a live Webinar earlier today  As part of International Nurses week 

A big thank you also to Steve & Sarah for thier set up support and to all who logged in

You can listen here to the recorded webinar from today http://bit.ly/1uvXNvs

Thank you Jen ,Jennifer ,NHS England and 6Cs'Live for this privilege to part of a very special week 

6Cs Live! is celebrating International Midwives Day and International Nurses Day 2014 with a series of webinars where patients, families and carers will share their stories and what the 6Cs mean to them.  Through these webinars we will also be celebrating and highlighting the wide context in which care is delivered by nurses, midwives and care staff.
Tommy on Tour and the 6Cs
In this webinar, Tommy Whitelaw will share his experiences of caring for his mum, Joan, whom he lost to vascular dementia.
He will also be sharing a selection of stories from other carers highlighting how the 6Cs can really make a difference in the care for those living with dementia and in supporting their carers.
Tommy launched the 'Tommy on Tour' awareness campaign, collecting stories from people across Scotland caring for a loved one with dementia.
Tommy currently works on the Dementia Carers Voices project with the Health and Social Care Alliance building on his ‘Tommy on Tour’ campaign by engaging with carers, collecting their life stories and raising awareness amongst health and social care professionals on both dementia and caring.
If you care for someone with dementia, know someone with dementia, or would like to know more about this topic, please register and join us on this webinar.
You can read more about Tommy and his work on his blog: http://tommy-on-tour-2011.blogspot.com and can send him your experiences via 
Are you new to webinars and not sure what to expect?  It really is simple, all you need to join is access to the internet and a telephone. Upon registering you will be sent an email that contains a weblink.  When it comes to the time of the event, simply click on the weblink and follow the onscreen instructions. Please note the teleconference part of the webinar is free of charge. However, if you would like any support on webinars, please contact us at england.sixcslive@nhs.net

- See more at: http://www.6cs.england.nhs.uk/pg/event_calendar/view/110027#sthash.KdOrAnms.CtDkibr0.dpuf


My mums name was Joan ,my Mum Had Dementia - our Story 9 Short Films

Tommy’s speech, providing a carer’s perspective,  on the theme of “ No – one ever asked   ” highlighted the transformational impact that ...