Saturday, 17 May 2014

Last week a very Emotional & busy week


Last week was a very emotional &  busy week ahead on my "You Can Make a Difference " tour   

On  Monday I was the guest  speaker at the Carers & dementia community support meeting in Edinburgh. It was a great privilege to meet all the Carers and families who attended and to hear about the great support the group gets from Karen and the community support team 

Monday evening I headed to Birmingham  to Unveil a plaque  on Tueday at the Heart of England 

I still can't quite find the words to say how honoured I feel and there have been a few tears before ,on the day and since

Thank you for remembering Mum and for making a sons heart smile thank you from a son 

Wednesday I wad one of the guest speakers Dunblane Hydro at the Scottish Practice Nurse association annual conference  .Was great to meet everyone ,hear about the passion and work from all who attended .BIG thank you to Karen and all the team 

Finaly on Thursday I was back  with team NHSaaa for the 2nd of eight talks with them this week at the Ayr university hospital lecture theatre  this mini tour with Derek ,Janice ,Amanda ,Lynn and NHSaaa has been a wonderful experience so far and I can't wait for the next 6 talks over May & June 


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