Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Thank you - 3rd Year Nursing Students University Abertay Dundee

A big thank you to Sheila ,Robin & the 3rd year Nursing students earlier today at Abertay University 

Thank you for the Pledges ,kindness and for the lovely messages I have received on my journey home to Glasgow 

Thank you for bringing a wee smile to my heart 


A few of the kind students I had the privilege to meet today # OurFutureNurses 

With great thanks to Robin Ion Leader/Lecturer SHS Division of Nursing & Counselling University of Abertay Dundee for the invite to speak to 3rd year Nursing  students. 

Thank you for the opportunity, I look forward to meeting all the students and speaking about my wonderful mum, the letters I receive, the people I meet, dementia, Caring and life stories. 
Thank you 

Earlier  year I had the great privilege  to speak at Abertay University to nursing and mental health students 
A BIG thank you from the heart for all the personal pledges I recoeved  on " you can make a difference " and I am absolutely convinced they will make a difference 

Looking forward to returning and meeting more of the inspiring students and team 


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