Thursday, 1 May 2014

Thursday giving presentation to NES/SSSC Dementia Promoting ExcellenceProgramme Board



With great thanks to Susanne forest and fellow board members for  inviting Irene Oldfather and myself. to give a presentation to  NES/SSSC Dementia Programme Board  "Promoting exellence " on may 8th  

Irene and I will be giving a presentation on our  Dementia Carer Voices project and the "make a difference " campaign and tour along with I hope  collecting pledges from board members 

My other hope is to get Dementia carer Vocies a voice And place on the board in some shape or form 

NHS Education Scotland and scottish scial services council  both do great work on promoting excellence and we look forward to meeting everyone May 8th 

Thank you Susanne and fellow board members for this opportunity

You can get more details on the work they do at the link below

 NHS Education Scotland 

Scottish Social Services  Council


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