Thursday, 1 May 2014

Wonderful Warrington - making a difference


A big thank you to Karen Dawber Executive Director ,Mel Pickup CEO Warrington & Halton hospitals fellow board and team members for the most wonderful invite and honour to visit the new Dementia wards being built Warrington General 

Karen kindly got in touch with me whilst in Wigan and  invited me to drop in say hello and have a look at the new wing / wards being built 

After my talk in Wigan Chris Mason, Jayne and myself headed  over to Warrington to visit and say hello 

And what a wonderful experience the new wards are looking amazing with so much thought on the patient and staff experience -PEOPLE at the centre absolutely - 

can't wait to see the finished wards 

What a wonderful way forward- well done to the staff who took thier ideas and dreams to the board and to the board for making dreams come true  

I have to say I was not only inspired by the new wing ,but also with the passion and kindness from all we met today 

Today has brought a wee smile to this sons Heart

Thank you wonderful Warrington for making staff dreams come true and for making long journey back to Glasgow  a journey feeling inspired 

Wonderful Warrington sounds about right to me 

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