Thursday, 22 May 2014

Everything is forever - Dementia - caring

I cared for my beautiful kind mum at home from 2007 till mum passed away September 2012
My heart ,A heart that  smiled so often whilst caring was broken long before mum passed away  

My mum could do that ,not matter what she faced and facing much greater challenges than I was could always make my heart smile ,that's what mums and dads do they make it better for their children no matter what no matter how young or old thier children are 

Over the years dementia keep changing everything ,Just when we thought we had a routine we had understanding we had a way to make the best of each day ,dementia would change everything 

Everything we thought we knew the day before had shifted ,we would wake up and everything we knew before had changed We had to rethink sometimes re smile but most often struggle to get through the day 

And it was  always forever the changes where always forever .I knew they  where forever I had witnessed forever happening so many times before 

From mum knowing who she was to not, to recognising her life ,home ,all the little things we do for ourselves every day becoming the most impossible task ,to not recognising or the remembering the man she met and fell in love with one day the man who loved mum with all his heart 

The cruelest trick of all the love story of your life taken away 

And for me the big question is

what are going to do to make forevers better for peolpe living with dementia for the families for Carers 

It always felt like a  surprise  pso often to peolpe when forevers came along when we contacted them when we needed more help ,support,understanding,Guidance, chance ,opportunities ,kindness ,dignity ,respect 

It was never a surprise to me ,I witnessed forevers so often 

if we are truly going to support families ,be there for the the forevers as forevers can truly break your heart 


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