Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Saturday the 5th July will be the 66th birthday of the NHS - A celebration via @butNHS

Celebrate #NHS66 on 5th July

Saturday the 5th July will be the 66th birthday of the NHS and we should celebrate. There will be a series of events organised on the day under the banner NHS66. One of these should be the biggest themed birthday party ever held.

How will it work?

This is of course not one party but a lot of separate parties held by individuals or organisations with a common theme – the birthday of the NHS – and all happening on the same day.

There are no rules about what form they should take. Indoors or outdoors, barbecue or fine dining, disco or ballroom – anything goes. The main thing is that they should be held primarily to celebrate the NHS and badged with the NHS66 logo.

Fancy dress is often a popular option but there are others. You could make your party a fundraiser if you wish. The main thing is that there should be an explicit purpose - to celebrate the achievements and longevity of the NHS. Please use the NHS66 logo wherever possible. Talk and tweet about you party as much as you can. Spread the word.

A key unifying initiative is to ask everyone involved to tweet pictures of their party with the tag #NHS66 during the evening. This will be the glue that joins these events together and makes it a unified whole and hopefully will justify the claim that it is the nation’s biggest birthday party ever – though I doubt we will be able to prove this.

What should you do?

This is hardly rocket science. Just sort out a venue, decide on the format, invite your guests and have a great time on the day. I have put together a graphic which you may find helpful. Please feel free to copy and share this widely.



I would like to keep tabs on what is happening so please let me know if you are organising a party, roughly where it will be held (no need to give a precise location)  and  approximately how many are coming. I will tweet the stats at intervals. You can email details to me on butNHS@btinternet.com.

Come on – it is on a Saturday, it will be the middle of summer and this is a good cause. What better excuse to have a party. Let's do it!

Finally – although there are serious issues in the NHS there is good reason to celebrate its successes. There is no need to make excuses for having fun. Don’t forget though that there will be other events under the badge NHS66 taking place on the day. Please try to make time to support these as well.

speaking Wigan - Sunshine house -Make a Difference Tour


with great thanks to Barbara Nettleton  Chief Officer Art to Art (Wigan) CiC  Sunshine House Community Centre for the kind invite to speak at the wonderful event she has organised to be hosted by Bernie Hollywood OBE 

The community event is to raise awareness across the wider community on dementia and carting 
Thank you Barbara ,all the team and Bernie and i look forward to both attending and speaking

Thursday, 24 April 2014

6 talks next week for NHSGG - Glasgow Royal Infirmary - Victoria Infirmary & Vale of Leven



Next week sees  talks  13- 18 of my 28 talk tour across NHSGG with 

two talks at  Glasgow Royal infirmary 

Two talks.     Glasgow Victoria infirmary 

Two talks.     Vale of Leven Hospital Balloch  

I started  the talks a few weeks ago across NHSGG and after a break      
Away touring with NHSD&G  I am back to continue my mini tour with NHSGG 

With great thanks to Margaret Connolly Lead Nurse Specialist & Advanced Practice Practice Development GGC ,Chris and all the team for putting this tour together 

I met Margaret a few months back when I was the guest speaker at a conference she hosted at the Beardmore conference center 

I look forward to taking our You Can Make A Difference tour across NHSGG in partnership with Margret    The team and NHSGG 


Western Infirmary
3rd floor function suite

Inverclyde Royal
IRH Education centre upstairs

Royal Alexandra Hospital
Medical Education Lecture Theatre

Gartnavel GeneralHospital
Lecture theatre Post Graduate centre

Western Infirmary
3rd floor function suite

Victoria Infirmary
Practice Development classroom
(4th Floor above A&E)

Royal Alexandra Hospital
Lecture Theatre 2 
Gartnavel GeneralHospital

Western Infirmary
3rd floor function suite

Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Victoria Infirmary
Practice Development classroom
(4th Floor above A&E)

Vale of Leven
Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Glasgow Royal Infirmary


With great thanks to Margaret Connolly  Chris Ronayne from the Practice Development team and NHSGG
for the wonderful invite and opportunity to tour across many hospitals within NHSGG

Each day will involve a double session with 2 talks 1pm and 3 pm

I look forward to  meeting everyone, speaking about my wonderful mum Joan ,the letters I receive and people I meet as part of my "You Can Make A Difference tour


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Thank you - Interviewed earlier today for Nursing Times - NHS employers


I was away very early this morning to Leeds to meet Jenni Middleton Editor of the Nursing Times
At the NHS Employers base to do a filmed interview about caring for my mum to be used / Aired during dementia awareness week 

With great thanks to Jenni  for the kind and understanding interview earlier today in Leeds and to scott for all the hard work setting up and filming - I am nervously looking forward to the final edit 

A big thank you also to Dean Royles Chief exec of NHS employers  for popping in for a chat during recording and his team for setting this up along with Jenni 

have  been following Jenni on twitter for quite some time now and we met in person a few weeks back at the NHS  Expo 2014 in Manchester 

Thank you Jenny for this opportunity and to Scott for all the setting up and still to do editing  

I think the interview will be published / aired during International Nurses week May 5th - May 12th 

You can follow Jenni  Dean and scott  on Twitter via 
Jenni @nursingtimesed 

Dean @NHSE_Dean 

Scott @NHSE_Scott 

You can view the Nursing Times Web - site here  http://nursingtimes.net

You can view NHS Employers web - site here http://www.nhsemployers.org/workforceleader

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Thank You - Earlier Today Speaking St Johns Hospital Lecture theater


With great thanks to Jacqueline Ball ,Gillian Henderson. Maple Villa Livingston Dementia unit and  NHS Lothian for the kind invite and for arranging a talk earlier today at  St Johns Hospital Lecture theater 

A big thank you to all who took time to attend today and for the great kndness 

Thank you 


A few of the kind people who took time to attend today 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Holiday weekend, still not sure what that means


Firstly I wish all a lovely  holiday weekend .I was out today doing a talk then filming and on my way home on the bus the chatter from people planning their long weekends made me smile 

As I got home  as always happens my wee mum was on my mind,I have yet to open this front door without a sadness hitting me is some way shape or form

5 years of dementia and caring ,weekends, weekdays, bank holidays ,holiday weekends they all blended into one.

We could not differentiate .they where just days to try our best to get through,And that’s the 
great sadness.of course we had good days ,we certainly had love but looking back they where just a fog of  
not understanding,loneliness and fear. 

This is something we have to change, we have to make the hard days better for people, and we have to make the days caring for a loved one  not something we struggle  to get through hoping if we make it through today we just might make it through tomorrow 

 We have to support. People  to have more time to love and cherish 

Even now 15 months  after my wee mum passed away weekends and week days are all the same to me

It was Easter 2012  that a big change came to us  as they had so often before ,but this time I knew in my heart there where not many more big changes my mum could take

From  Easter  my mum was  pretty much confided to her room and bed .I took a wee photo that day as I gave mum her wee egg knowing dementia and time was truly against us and in my heart I knew it would be our last easter together  and I miss her sitting here just now 

I miss mums kindness her love her care and the great mum she was.The the loneliness we felt over the last years was in many ways  a rehearsal for how lonely life can be when a best pal is no longer here


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

speaking dementia friendly Kent market place launch


With great thanks to Emma Barrett and Kelly Osborn from  the SILK team County hall Maidestone Kent 
For the Kind invite to open and speak at  the Dementia friendly Market place opening Canterbury April 24th 

I met Emma a few weeks  at the NHS Expo after one of my talks at the Dementia Cafe and we had a lovely chat 

So thank you so much Emma ,Kelly NHS in Kent - SILK & Kent County Council for inviting me to take part in the opening of  this exciting new project and I look forward to attending ,speaking and meeting everyone on the day 

Thank you for the kindness 

Monday, 14 April 2014

next Wednesday speaking Sandyford (nhsgg caring about sexual reproductive & emotional health ) conference


with great thanks to Dr Rosie Ilet from the Sandford for the invite to speak at their Staff seminar about "Making A Difference "

The Sandyford is part of the  NHSGG&C highlighting and supporting  Sexual  reproductive and emotional health

I look forward to attending ,learning and speaking you can get more information on the work they do here 


Thursday, 10 April 2014

Final day - mini tour with NHSD&G final 3 talks - a wonderful three days


Today was the final day of my mini tour with NHSD&G and time with my team mates Linda and Gladys 
We had three talks today starting off at Midpark Hosptial Dumfries ,before my talk I has a wee tour of the wards and have to say I was very impressed by the staff and surroundings 

We then travelled to the Conference room Crichton Hospital  for a talk to NHSD&G dementia champions before heading over to Annan for the final talk of the day 

Once again we had a great turnout at each talk and each time meeting more kind caring peolpe 

I will do a blog post over the weekend looking back at the three days and talks with a full list of thanks 

I have to say it Was very emotional getting on the train to return to Glasgow as I had the most amazing 3 days surrounded by good peolpe 

Thank you Linda ,Gladys NHSDG and all the peolpe I met over the last three days ,you have brought a smile to my heart 

Thank you for the kindess 


Thur 10th April 9.00-10.00 Tribunal Room Midpark  Hospital

Conference room Crichton Hall Session with dementia champions

Howgill Centre, Treastaigh, Annan Open session

Saying goodbye - Gladys & Linda

Link - NHSDG Tour day one        Link  NHSDG Tour day Two

Thank you - to everyone who took time to attend MasterClass GlasgowCaledonian University


I was very proud to have the opportunity this evening to give one of the Caledonian University 2014 Masterclasses 

I woul like to say a big thank you to everyone who took time to attend 

Thank you for the kindness ,thank you from a son 

Thank you Chris  and my good friend Andy for looking after me



Wednesday, 9 April 2014

being interviewed & filmed for Nursing Times April 23rd


With great thanks to Jenni Middleton Editor of the Nursing Times for the kind invite and opportunity to be interviewed and filmed tomorrow in Leeds 

I have  been following Jenni on twitter for quite some time now and we met in person a few weeks back at the NHS  Expo 2014 in Manchester 

Thank you Jenny for this opportunity and to Scott who will be filming the interview for a podcast 

I think the interview will be published / aired during International Nurses week May 5th - May 12th 

You can follow Jenni and scott  on Twitter via 
Jenni @nursingtimesed 
Scott @NHSE_Scott 

You can view the Nursing Times Web - site here  http://nursingtimes.net

Thank you 


Monday, 7 April 2014

CAN YOU HELP ? - Dementia Carer Voices Survey


CAN YOU HELP ? - Dementia Carer Voices Survey  


Can you help with our  survey for  rep

This survey will help with our reports to local authorities and Goverment 

Our next meeting with Cabinet Secretary for Health & Wellbeing is June 2014  

Thank you 



Saturday, 5 April 2014

Attending &Very honoured to have been nominated for daily Record Scotland's heroes award 2014 good luck to all who made the Shortlist


I feel  truly honoured to have been nominated for the  Daily Record http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/  Scotland's heroes awards 2014

I received a wee phone call a few week back  to say I had been nominated for my dementia awareness work over the last years . I feel very  proud  & honoured to be nominated and wish all who made the shortlists the very best 

I would like to send congratulations to all who wherein nominated across the difference categories and well done to all who have been Shortlististed 

Looking forward to attending the awards 9th of  May and cheering on all who are there 

Thank you for the kindess thank you from a son to all involved 

Thank you 


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dementia Carer Voices Project's April newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of the Dementia Carer Voices Project's newsletter, which will keep you up to date with our latest activity.
This month we highlight new videos released by the Person Centred Health and Care Collaborative, the responses left by carers on our
'Letters, Life and Love Stories' tree, as well as a round-up of our recent and upcoming events. 
Read Dementia Carer Voices Newsletter - April 2014

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Day one of the tour with NHSD&G - Stranraer - Dumfries - amazing first day #MakeaDifference


Today was day one of my three day mini tour with NHSD&G and we had the most wonderful day. 
I was picked up on arrival at Lockerbie Train Station by Linda and Gladys from NHSD&G who have worked so hard to put this tour together and have been wonderful in every way. 

We headed of to Stranraer for two talks at the Waverly Medical Center, with great thanks to all who took time to attend and thank you for the kindness. 

We then headed to Dumfries for a talk at Palmerston Football Ground (Queen of the South). 
As with earlier today we had a wonderful  turnout, along with many of the team from NHSD&G we had representatives from D&G police, the football club and voluntary sector. 

Tonight's talks had a wonderful community feel about it, a great setting at the football club and great atmosphere and discussion. 

A big thank you to all for a wonderful day one, looking forward to day two tomorrow, with more talks and meeting more great people. 

I will add more thanks and photos as we go along. 

Thank you for a wonderful day of engagement and a day one hope of makingadifference #teamwork 


A busy week ahead 10 talks across NHSD&G and giving the 2014 GlasgowCaledonian University MasterClass - Dementia



I have a busy week ahead this week - Monday I have the doctors as I have not been keeping to well latley and some personal matters to deal with 

Tuesday morning I head of to Lockerbie for a wee 3 day tour with the wonderful Linda and Gladys from NHSD&G .We have ten talks across three days across Lockerbie ,Annan ,Stranraer and more 

I am looking forward to working with Linda and Gladys on Make a Difference NHSD&G
A big thank you to all involved for arraigning this and  the great effort and kindess to put it all together 

Thursday Evening I have the great honour to give the Caledonian University 2014 MasterClass on dementia 

A big thank you to Chris ,Andy and the GCU for this amazing privilege 

A busy week for my wee Make A Difference Tour 


Tour with NHSD&G - Info 

MasterClass Glasgow Caledoinian University - Info 


Thank you to all who passed by to say hello at Glasgow City Counciltoday



Today Christopher and I visited Galsgow City Council to inform and chat about our  "make a difference tour "
With great thanks to councillor Matt Kerr for booking the committee room before the  full council meeting 

We had a Make a Difference information stand and oppertunty to speak to councillors between 11:30am and 13:30 pm 

I have been to the council quite a few times before as a campaigner in fact I have a motion passed at Glasgow city council on Dementia and caring and they now have a cross party Dementia working group based on my motion passed 2012 

Thank you Councilor Kerr and Glasgow city Council for the oppertunty and a big thank you to all who passed by to say hello 

Look out next Friday on our pledge site to read some of the pledges from today 

My mums name was Joan ,my Mum Had Dementia - our Story 9 Short Films

Tommy’s speech, providing a carer’s perspective,  on the theme of “ No – one ever asked   ” highlighted the transformational impact that ...