Thursday, 17 April 2014

Holiday weekend, still not sure what that means


Firstly I wish all a lovely  holiday weekend .I was out today doing a talk then filming and on my way home on the bus the chatter from people planning their long weekends made me smile 

As I got home  as always happens my wee mum was on my mind,I have yet to open this front door without a sadness hitting me is some way shape or form

5 years of dementia and caring ,weekends, weekdays, bank holidays ,holiday weekends they all blended into one.

We could not differentiate .they where just days to try our best to get through,And that’s the 
great sadness.of course we had good days ,we certainly had love but looking back they where just a fog of  
not understanding,loneliness and fear. 

This is something we have to change, we have to make the hard days better for people, and we have to make the days caring for a loved one  not something we struggle  to get through hoping if we make it through today we just might make it through tomorrow 

 We have to support. People  to have more time to love and cherish 

Even now 15 months  after my wee mum passed away weekends and week days are all the same to me

It was Easter 2012  that a big change came to us  as they had so often before ,but this time I knew in my heart there where not many more big changes my mum could take

From  Easter  my mum was  pretty much confided to her room and bed .I took a wee photo that day as I gave mum her wee egg knowing dementia and time was truly against us and in my heart I knew it would be our last easter together  and I miss her sitting here just now 

I miss mums kindness her love her care and the great mum she was.The the loneliness we felt over the last years was in many ways  a rehearsal for how lonely life can be when a best pal is no longer here


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