Thursday, 10 April 2014

Final day - mini tour with NHSD&G final 3 talks - a wonderful three days


Today was the final day of my mini tour with NHSD&G and time with my team mates Linda and Gladys 
We had three talks today starting off at Midpark Hosptial Dumfries ,before my talk I has a wee tour of the wards and have to say I was very impressed by the staff and surroundings 

We then travelled to the Conference room Crichton Hospital  for a talk to NHSD&G dementia champions before heading over to Annan for the final talk of the day 

Once again we had a great turnout at each talk and each time meeting more kind caring peolpe 

I will do a blog post over the weekend looking back at the three days and talks with a full list of thanks 

I have to say it Was very emotional getting on the train to return to Glasgow as I had the most amazing 3 days surrounded by good peolpe 

Thank you Linda ,Gladys NHSDG and all the peolpe I met over the last three days ,you have brought a smile to my heart 

Thank you for the kindess 


Thur 10th April 9.00-10.00 Tribunal Room Midpark  Hospital

Conference room Crichton Hall Session with dementia champions

Howgill Centre, Treastaigh, Annan Open session

Saying goodbye - Gladys & Linda

Link - NHSDG Tour day one        Link  NHSDG Tour day Two

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