Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Positive Day And A Positive Meeting ………………….

Well yesterday was a whirlwind of a day, I was due to meet with the deputy first minister about the Tommyontour campaign at 5;30 pm
Early morning I appeared on good morning Scotland i then had to dash to Edinburgh after calls form the BBC and STV who have been very supportive of this campaign and the care of people with dementia. After all that I had a very emotional and positive meeting with the Deputy First Minister ,I am very grateful for the meeting and the kind words and promise to help families struggling with this tragic illness ,we discussed future plans and have agreed that I keep her updated  on projects ,progress and the thoughts and concerns of people I meet as I visit groups and families .we have also agreed to meet every 3 months to discuss matters concerning  dementia and the carers and families affected by this tragic illness and all that it brings
Jim Pearson from Alzheimer Scotland came with me to discuss the new national group made up from people brought together by this campaign many of whom sent me letters
This group will be putting a national manifesto together.
Tommyontour will continue and I will also be a member of the new national group I am also in talks with Alzheimer Scotland CEO Henry Simmons about becoming a voluntary carer’s ambassador alongside the Tommyontour campaign, I will update more on this after we finalize and agree a plan that works for us all
 i would just like to say a special thanks to Jamie and Brendan from Enterprise Screens who i met during a short  fundraising film  for Alzhiemer Scotland ,that meeting led to the tommontour short film and thier craft,, support and ideas are of great help and value to me on a daily basis
look out for a very special film in the near future


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  1. You are an excellent ambassador for us all


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