Friday, 10 February 2012

Discussions Continue With Deputy First Minister,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


I have to say thank you to the Deputy First Minister for inviting me back to meet with her to continue discussions about Dementia and caring for a loved one,
Our meeting on Wednesday past was very inspiring and it was great to be able to talk openly and honestly about caring for my mum,the poelpe i have met and the letters along with the campaign to date and future plans,
I left with her an outline on the next steps for Tommyontour ,I hope to keep meeting with carers and famolies but also speaking with local authorities to discuss promoting good services and models already available in the care sector ,I feel its important to tackle the issues we face but at the sane time help promote and direct families to services that currently work and exist .Not having the correct help and care is one thing we need to highlight ,but not having access or knowledge of help and good help that is available is a tragedy in itself
So out next meeting will be may 9th back at parliament you’re views ,opinions and letters will help guide, direct and influence decisions so I ask you keep sharing them
We can all be part of bringing more help; understanding and respect to families who will face what have faced or do face in the future

i have to add it was a difficult day after the news coverage so many peolpe got in toch from all over scotland e mailing stories ,i spent the day reading themail and calling a few peolpe who needed help quickly

thanks to Ann for stepping in to help somenoe get support

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