Monday, 6 February 2017

Thank you for the great care over the last 6 weeks

Thank you for the great care over the last 6 weeks

As a campaigner at heart I have always tried to celebrate the good stuff along with asking questions of things that might not be so good, for me balance is of the greatest importance.

In between Christmas and New Year, I took quite unwell.

 On calling my GP I was given an appointment on the same morning, at my appointment my GP was quite concerned and called an ambulance to have further checks and I was seen too and allowed home later that evening

Since then my GP and practise Nurses have been brilliant with weekly conversations,tests and keeping me at the heart of all conversations and arraigning further hospital appointments and tests over the next few weeks.

I must say at this point that anything serious has been ruled out although we are still tracking some small concerns.

So thank you to my GP,the practice  nurses and my local hospital for great care,conversations and kindness and to my CEO and colleagues for looking after me 

I feel very cared for and at the heart of all discussions and decisions, for me this is what great  care feels like 

Thank you

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  1. So very sorry to hear you have been unwell and I hope you feel much more yourself very soon. The NHS is and always has been full of pretty incredible people who perhaps need a wee bit more support than they generally get. Great to hear your experience is good Tommy as it does make all the difference xx


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