Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A great Honour to be meeting the First Minister on Wednesday


With Great thanks to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for taking the time to meet with me on April 27th 
I am so very honoured and grateful for this opportunity to meet and update on my work and hopes for the future.

When campaigning whilst caring for my wonderful mum Joan, I was  so very honoured to meet back then on quite a few occasions, to share the letters that I received and our personal experiences of Mum living with dementia and my own as a full time Carer.

A month before my mum passed away the First Minister ( then Deputy First Minister) took time to,in private visit my mum at our home and hold my mums hand. A day that I will never forget 

I am so very Grateful for this opportunity to meet again,update on all that has happened since, and share my hopes for the future. 

Thank you First Minister for this kind opportunity. 

Thank you from a son 


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