Tuesday, 1 August 2017

I Million reads of my Blog Thank you from my heart

My wee blog that started when caring for my kind mum Joan, our films,  produced  to share our story has today  now reached 1 Million Individual page views , 

ALONG with film views and meeting
85,000 People in person at talks on the tour. I am very proud to say over 1,250,000 reads,views and people have engaged with our campaign 

I want to thank everyone from my heart who has taken the time to read, share, attend a talk, send a letter or comment for the great kindness and support.

This kindness and support played such a big part in  helping  my mum living with dementia and myself as a son and carer and has continued to do so till this day as UK  engagement lead at dementia carer voices

When I first started caring for mum, I thought my mum was the only person living with dementia and I was the only carer. I was soon to find out how far from true that this  was

The blog and subsequent talks and tour enlightened our lives and introduced us to so many inspiring, caring and kind people and for that I shall be eternally grateful

Someone asked me a few months back,

what did I learn caring for my mum living with dementia?

The answer is a lesson my mum tried to teach me all my life, that people are kind and caring and if you take time to listen this will become clear. I wish I would have listened much sooner in life,but I suppose my mum was still helping right through to the last day

Thank you from my heart for reading my blog, for watching the films, for coming to  the talks, for the letters, lessons and kindness along the way

People are amazing and I am glad to have met so many along the way

Thank you for caring 

Thank you  for reading my blog, You can now view my 8 short flims here! 
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