Friday, 25 November 2011

Next steps


Thank you again to Alzheimer Scotland for the kind offer to support 'Tommy on Tour' and help me continue raising awareness for carers and families.

I had a good talk yesterday at North West Carers in Patrick: showed the film and got a great reaction, with lots of debate after the talk and the promise of more letters.

On Thursday 1st December (next week), I'll be speaking at Pollok Carers and I'll be talking at Glasgow City Council's 'Carers' Rights Day' on Friday 2nd December. I'd like to thank Ann Cummings for inviting me to speak about my campaign and my experience of caring for my mum.

Another big thank you to Mark MacDonald MSP and Fiona McLeod MSP, for speaking about the 'Tommy on Tour' campaign and film at the Carer’s Strategy debate in the parliament on Wednesday afternoon. Click here to watch debate on BBC website, the mention is about an hour in.
'Tommy on Tour' will continue to raise awareness and campaign: any new emails or letters I get about caring for a loved one with dementia will now be forwarded to the new action group being set up by Alzheimer Scotland, to help inform their manifesto for the local council elections in 2012.  



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