Monday, 14 November 2011

November news


Thanks to Frieda and Jasmine, I've got a wee bit more Nicola Sturgeon's speech that I can pass on. Firstly, she promised to personally read all the letters and emails that were sent to the campaign. Secondly, she made this pledge:

"I will do everything I can, in the priveledged position which I hold, to make things better for people with dementia and help in areas more than ever.  I will provide support that carers need to allow them to keep caring."
Which is good, really good.

You might think I'd be having a bit of a rest after last week's excitement. Not a bit of it! I've been asked to go to the Glasgow North East Carers AGM on Thursday (a place really close to my heart, as many of their carers wrote to 'Tommy on Tour' and some of them are in my wee film). Then I'll be at the Carers Link AGM in Milingavie on Friday. Tommy's still touring!

Here's another photo from last Thursday: me and some of the other carers with lots of MSPs after First Minister's Questions. You can see me next to Johann Lamont in her red jacket.



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