Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Proud to be Scottish

In my previous life, before my mum was diagnosed with dementia, I was very lucky and privileged. I travelled round the world many times and stayed in places like South Africa for many months. 

As anyone one will know who has travelled, having a Scottish accent is a gift. No matter where you go, you receive a warm welcome. As soon as people hear you talk and find out where you’re from, they welcome you with warmth.
AND I HAVE ALWAYS been proud on my travels to be from Scotland. 

Over the last 5 years I have often questioned - what was I really proud of?
After all the difficult times on this journey, I have thought ‘what is there to be proud of?’ when both my mum and I are facing this illness and all that come with it alone. Why do we face the lack of understanding and the constant fights to get the correct care and help for both of us? 

Over the last year I have found a true and honest reason to be proud to be Scottish.I have met and talked with the reason to be proud, they have written to me and they have comforted me. 

They are husbands. Wives. Brothers. Sisters. Sons and daughters and, against all odds, they are caring for or have cared for someone they love. I now have thousands of reasons to be truly proud to live in Scotland. 

I wish you all a happy Christmas and a more comforting New Year. 

Thomas and wee Joan (my amazing wee mum)

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