Saturday, 24 December 2011

National Dementia Carers Action Group

It fills me with both pride and hope that Alzheimer Scotland has started the National Dementia Carers Action Group
Based on some of the issues raised  on the Tommyontour campaign .
I had a long chat with Henry Simmons (Chief exec,Alzheimer Scotland)yesterday and was very moved and impressed with what had to say. He has cemented my belief in the importance of this group and the journey ahead
The group will be made up of carers and will put together a manifesto and polices to campaign for at local and national level.
Irene Oldfather will be the first chair of the group supported by Caroline brown along with a group of carer/family members and supported by Sarah and Jim from Alzheimer Scotland.
 Irene and Caroline aong with Irene edgar have become firm friends of mine, and have great insight in to the issues at both personal and professional levels
I look forward to working with the group and tackling the issues ahead ,Along with making some new friends along the way


I hope that you can all come along to the these meetings so that we can build on the work that Tommy Whitelaw has, and is doing, to make a real difference.  Please let Shona Paxton  or me know if you will be attending the next meeting. .(Saturday 21st January )

Jim Pearson
Welfare rights manager
Alzheimer Scotland

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