Thursday, 4 December 2014

Tuesday busy day 3 talks across Birmingham at 3 different Hospitals


Tuesday is busy day with 3 talks across Birmingham at 3 different Hosptials 
First talk is for Heart Of England Nhs trust the second and third are for Birmingham and Sanwdels Hosptials Nhs trusts 

A big thanks to all bellow for the opportunity to bring the ' make a difference ' tour back to Birmingham  

Talk one 

With great thanks to Dr Dawn Chaplin from Heart of England NHS trust Birmingham for the kind invite to speak at the  'End of life care is everyone's business' shaping the future through learning and education event she is hosting Tuesday at the studio in Birmrignham 

I have the great pleasure to know Dawn in person and have had the privilege to speak for her on a ew occasions over the last months  you can read the pledges from my last visit here 20.10.14 Heartlands Hospital Birmingham

I also have a very special place in my heart for Dawn and the team as they have so kindly named one of the rooms at the hospital af my late Mum And even typing this is a very emotional time 

Thank you for the kindess ,passion friendship and invite 



Talks 2 & 3 

With great thanks to Dr Saket Singhall and Estelle Greenwood Project Facilitator Corporate Nursing Division for the kind invite to give two talks to Junior Doctors across Sandwell and West Birmingham hospitals NHS Trusts on December 9th

I have had the great privilege to speak twice before for Estelle and the Trust at the Dementia Theatre events ,You can read more about the previous talks and pledges HERE

Thank you Dr Saket and Estelle for the kind invite back 

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