Monday, 1 August 2016

Living With Dementia 4 Powerful Personal Poems from Chris Roberts

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your strong support this week in sharing the incredible poems from Chris Roberts

thank you Chris for sharing such powerful words with us it has been and continues to be a real privilege to display them here.
We hope that you have been as inspired as we have been this week – if you would like to share how these poems made you feel, how they relate to your experiences or if you have any poems of your own you would like to share with us to have published on our blog, please do get in touch.
We will leave you with the inspiring powerful poems written by the wonderful Chris Roberts. To keep up to date with Chris’s latest activity, follow him on twitter @Mason4233

Night times ; Awake with Alzheimer’s

Wide awake at five past three
What on earth awakened me
Why can’t I sleep, why can’t I dream
This is my life now,… would seem
Days rolling into, the darkest night
Surely this,….can’t be right
The endless nights and days,That never end
The bad dreams, that the dark dous’t send
Wandering around the house at night
Trying to find that wayward light
The handles rattle, the handles turn
What is outside you have to learn
My feet are cold,they freeze like ice
Someone shouts ! That can’t be nice
I was only lost, without the light
I didn’t need such a fright !
I just want to sleep and dream no more
Just let me through, sleep’s dark door
The door I look for every night
The Door that’s always just out of sight
Then I’m back in bed
You’re stroking my head
The woman from my dream
My darling wife It would seem !

Looking out of the window in a care home

I look out of the window, staring at the sky.
Just longing and wishing that I could fly
All the noise has gone and at last I can flee,
Leaving all my troubles, right behind me.
My eyes grow bigger, my mouth opens wide,
Into the white, beautiful clouds, I at last collide,
Spinning, turning, and flying carefree
I’m all on my own, just grinning with glee.
Then I fall and fall, screaming so loud
No longer feeling, so tall and proud
Just staring out of the window, looking at the sky,
And again Just Wishing, that I could fly,
And again, I cry !

 “Don’t you look well they cry”

Don’t you look well, they cry !
Don’t you look great !
Well ! If you’d like to be me, let’s make a date !
I’ll give you one hour, and then you’ll see
The darkness that tries, to devour me
You’ll see what drowns, the person you knew,
And the bright hours I have left are only few
Now, the darkness surrounds me and threatens my past,
How long, can days such as these last !
Tears fall all around me, they flood my feelings, they soak my face,
Yesterday’s memories packed away in my case.
I scream quietly, my eyes they retreat .
Trying to remember yesterday is quite a feat !
But with a smile on my face,
I cover, my disgrace.
Tomorrow is another day 

 My memories waver on the edge of reason”
  Trying to be normal is no longer easy
A reprieve would be nice for just one day,
But As I wait, it never happens that way

Younger and younger my brain starts to grow
My emotions jumping, too and fro,
My limbs they tremble when I try to walk,
My voice it waivers when I talk.

All the inner pain no one can see,
Stops myself, being me.
Please understand, what you can’t see

Thanks for reading my blog, You can now view my 8 short flims here!
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  1. Fantastically written Chris. Thanks for the share Tommy.

  2. Brilliant, true, heartfelt and sad.lets hope these words help families understand.

  3. Gerry finnieSeptember 29, 2016

    Brilliant, true, heartfelt and sad.lets hope these words help families understand.


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