Monday, 7 December 2015

Monday 2 talks Bolton NHS foundation trust


With great thanks to Ben Roberts @ben_m_roberts_1 and Grace Langton @gracie_langton 
From Bolton NHS foundation trust @Boltonnhsft for the kind invite  to give two talks across the trust on December 14th,along with visiting the new dementia friendly wards 
I met  Ben and grace whilst speaking for Sam Sherrington @SamSherrington at a #Valuemaker event for finance teams across the NHS and I am very proud to be their friend,grateful for the support they give and truly inspired by the passion and work they all do to make a difference 

I am so very honored to be invited and looking forward to making more new friends across Bolton NHS trust and finding out more about the great work they do 


Timetable for the day will be:

10:00 to 12:00, talk to staff and stakeholders
12:00 we'll then head over to officially open our Dementia friendly  ward
13:30 will be a talk to finance, procurement and business  intelligence teams
- We were also going to ask if you would draw the prizes for our Chrsitmas Raffle at our time out, this one of the many things we've doing this year to raise money for Dementia,.


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