Thursday, 17 March 2016

Making a Difference for people living with Dementia - Ffion age 9 fromShropshire


I am very lucky, every day I meet incredible people on my tour, people who got up yesterday,today and will get up again tomorrow to care for us . 

Inspiring  end of life care lead nurse Jules Lewis and her amazing daughter Ffion are two of them 

Sitting on the the sleeper train from London to Glasgow this story arrived by e mail and I feel so Inspred and proud of Ffion I could get of this train and run to Glasgow 

It's people who change lives ,thank you Ffion for being like mum Jules with so much kindness and caring in your heart

                                             Ffion's Story

Dear Tommy

On Monday the 7th March I talked to the children and teachers at my school in our school assembly, I told them about your work, your lovey mum and your #Tommyontour. I also showed them one for my personalised dementia pledge trees. 

I have  been making these pledge trees for my mummy's work friends I make a different one for each person, I put their name on it and l do my signature, the person then writes their own pledge on the tree.

 I hope my trees make a difference to people who live with dementia.

My lovely pops (grandad) had dementia and l would like more people to understand dementia and always be nice to people with it, my pops always put his thumb up when things were OK. He was so kind he would give some of his food to his favourite blackbird the blackbird visited every meal time. My mummy misses pops a lot.

Here is a photo of my mummy with pops his thumb is up.


Here is a photo of one of my dementia pledge trees, this one is for Hannah.


                           From, Ffion Age 9 from Shropshire.


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