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12,000Nurses,Hospitals,Universities,Students,CareHomes,individualsHavePledgedtoMake a Difference



We are absolutely honored and proud to now share that more than 12,000 Nurses,Hospitals,Universities,Students,Care Homes, individuals who Have Now personally Pledged to 'Make a Difference for People Living with dementia,Families and carers

We have been truly inspired by the now nearly  60,000 people we have met on our tour across the country the passion,commitment and desire to be that person who makes a difference for others


We are now  at  an incredible 12,000 personal pledges

Peoples  pledges,stories in their own words with permanent pledge tree in many Hospitals,Universities,Students,Care Homes,across the country 

you can read every single story and pledge at the links below along with Case Studies on the different ways people are using pledges at the link HERE 


Thank you for making a difference !

           Meet the difference makers at the links below 

                    A few of the incredible people we have been so lucky to meet 

November 2016
October 2016

August 2016
July 2016

May 2016
April 2016
March 2016
09/03/16 Hairmyers Hospital create their own pledge tree!
22/03/16 Bolton pledges to make a difference!
24/03/16 Hampshire Hospital Trust pledges!
31/03/16 184 pledges from University of Central Lancashire

February 2016
Bolton pledges to make a difference! via  
January 2016



December 2015
November 2015
October 2015
September 2015
August 2015
July 2015
June 2015
May 2015
April 2015
March 2015
February 2015
January 2015

December 2014
15/16.12.14 Norfolk and Suffolk

November 2014
03.11.14 Online pledges
07.11.14 Burton Hospital
13.11.14  Pledges of the week
24.11.14 The Retreat York
October 2014
13.10.14 More Pledges
27-30.10.14 NHS Highland Tour
September 2014
01.09.14  Teesside University
August 2014
July 2014
June 2014
3/4.06.14 NHS Conference
27.06.14 BCDA Birmingham
May 2014 
April 2014
(08 -10).04.14 NHS Dumfries & Galloway 
March 2014
February 2014
19.02.14 NHS Fife
January 2014
We began the campaign by asking “What does caring mean to you?”

January 2014 

Dementia Carer Voices has now gathered  nearly 7500  pledges as part of the “You Can Make a Difference” campaign. The campaign encourages people to listen to the experiences of people who have cared for a loved one with dementia and to think how they can make a positive difference in people’s lives. The team are delighted to have gotten such a strong response, and would like to take this opportunity to reflect on our journey up until now and how we have gotten to this point.

Thanks for reading my blog, You can now view my 8 short flims here!
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