Saturday, 3 December 2016

The Pollok Pledge

In partnership with Glasgow Clyde College and Humza Yousaf MSP, Minister for Transport and Islands, Dementia Carer Voices launched a community pledge in Pollok, giving constituents the chance to reach out to their neighbours and help reduce isolation and loneliness.
Director Irene Oldfather chaired the day, read about her reflections here:
Chairing the launch of the Pollok Pledge on Monday was inspiring. Inspiring for many reasons but for me the enthusiasm of young people from ordinary families to want to do something, to make their local community and the lives of vulnerable people in it, better, was awe inspiring. Monday was the start of the ALLIANCE and Dementia Carer Voices support for making Pollok a Friendly community – for our most vulnerable citizens.
Social care students have pledged to make a difference such as Connie Creaney, who is a Level 6 Social Care student who has pledged to “make someone smile going through a difficult situation”.
Their commitment is already infectious and will have a cascading effect across shops, schools, local businesses, cafes. The people of Pollok are already rising to the challenge Local MSP Humza Yousaf joined the launch and pledged to do his bit to work with the community to take their aspirations  forward.
We also heard about ALLIANCE work tying in to the local community through the National Link Worker Programme, where Gerry Mitchell is our local person on the ground connected to the GP practice to promote health and wellbeing of local people. As a link worker, Gerry is responsible for linking people to community initiatives, taking forward the person centred agenda where we focus on what matters and who mattes to you. Gerry is very approachable and can be contacted via the local practiceon 0141 531 6860
Our ALISS team have offered to assist the local community map its assets so that people know where to go to meet people. Reducing isolation is a huge part of promoting health and well being.
And of course the motivation behind the Pollok launch was our own Dementia Carer Voices Project Enagagement Lead Tommy Whitelaw, award winning campaigner who lives in Pollok and through his outreach with Clyde College involved the students and lecturers in taking forward the local initiative. Tommy’s carer journey looking after his mum Joan touched the hearts of students who wanted to get involved to reduce the loneliness and isolation that people can still feel in the busiest of streets.
Monday was the beginning of a great community initiative that will build capacity and involve people. Loneliness and isolation is everyone’s business.  If you want to get involved or speak to any of the team contact  us at the ALLIANCE on 0141 404 0231.
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