Saturday, 17 January 2015

3 talks Families - Well-being Directorate Warrington Borough Council -Monday - Tuesday

With great Thanks yto Teresa Dawson, CEO and Sandra Boldison, Head of Adult Services Support Team Families & Wellbeing Directorate in Warrington Borough Council for the invite back to give talks 3  to staff across the area January 26 & 27th 
The talks will be open to all and including Dementia Action Alliance Steering Group which is made up of people from various agencies eg Warrington Council, Alzheimer’s Society, residential homes

I had the great privilege to give two talks at The Werburgh’s Development Centre Warrington on 24th October 2014 at the end of last year  The two talks were to an audience of Social Workers, Care at Home Support Teams and Adult Services Support Team Families & Wellbeing Directorate
Thank you  Teresa ,Sandra and all concerned for the kind invite back  and here are the wonderful pledges from both talks in Warrington that day
I also had the  great privilege to speak in Warrington last year at the Warrington Hospital Dementia Conference 

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