Thursday, 1 January 2015

Guest posts

Hello and thank you 

I am looking to share as many people's thoughts- feelings - stories - initiatives as possible this year 

Along the themes  ( does not have to be Dementia specific) 

What matters to you ?

Who matters you you ? 

Life stories - love stories 

I have a few examples below taken from our DCV site ( and my tommy on tour blog ) 

Share the story and at the end. with your details Twitter - personal blog and so on ,so as people can keep following you and your story after reading the post on my site 

I will do my my very best to share as far and wide as possible 

If we all share how we feel our stories we might just encourage others

Helps let  people know that they are not alone 

There are examples below for previous guest spots b

Always helps to send photos and images to go with the piece ( I can incert and format this end ) 

You can e mail me 

Guest posts Thank you very much for you interest in writing a guest blog for my tommy on tour and our Dementia Carer Voices website. There are some examples below of past Viewpoint pieces, which give an indication of length, however this is quite flexible. We would ask that it does not contain advertising for any resources that are not freely accessible to everybody.

We have had some heartfelt pieces from people who have a loved one with dementia, such as student nurse Gemma who wrote about her relationship with her grandmother, Rose.

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