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Read the Pledges from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS


Thank you to Dr Joanne Cooper, Head of Nursing and Midwifery, Sara Deakin Practice Development Matron for Older People Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and Bridget Johnston, Professor of Palliative Care at the University for the invite to visit and speak on Tuesday

The day started with a talk with Sara followed by a tour round the hospital to meet some of the inspiring staff. We then had a wonderful chat with the patients experience team and finally a talk in the lecture theatre.

Thank you all for a truly inspiring day and for the wonderful pledges below.

Team DCV

You can follow all of the above on Twitter for more details and updates.

Dr Joanne Cooper  @drjoanne_cooper 

Professor  Bridget Johnston @BridgetJohnst 

Sara Deakin @Saradeakin1


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I pledge to make sure I give more than a post it note to adapt a leaflet for patients and cares that will be useful and supportive – Debbi Hughes

I will work hard to ensure Carillion and Re Estales and Facilities Services undertake training on dementia – Mallory Mercer

I will make sure I understand the little things that mean so much to people with dementia and their carers and use that information in “caring” for those people and carers – Mallory Mercer

I pledge that when I see people in hospital with dementia I will ask them how they are before anything else.  I will try and see their needs and respond to them.  I will take their wishes into account when providing care – Anna Lindstrand

I pledge to help, understand, listen, get to know the person and support patients, cares and people I come across in life and work.  To help as much as possible and give person centred care for the individual and treat them as a person and not just somebody, learn what is important and advocate and encourage their wishes.  Ensure they never feel alone.  To be a good dementia champion and fight the stigma – Sally Kendrick

I pledge to be a real champion.  To always put myself in their place.  To listen, try and find solutions which will help in a real way and respecting their wishes and lives – Julia 

I pledge to take time to listen to people with dementia and their cares and to try to address concerns and needs or point them in the right direction if necessary – Mary Greasley 

I pledge to be kind, human, understanding ear – Teagan 

I pledge to strive to collect the details no matter how small – Rachel Prescott 

I pledge to get to know the individual behind the diagnosis and the person underneath, what they liked, who they are, what is important to them and their personality.  Their past and the people who love them – Jennifer Bincliffe

My pledge is to make my ward a caring, calm environment for both patients and cares who are touched by dementia – Bev Ball 

I pledge to care as I wish my mum with dementia should have been.

I pledge to find out about the life of the person with dementia so that I know how best to care for them, involving and supporting their cares as much as I can – Andrea Shaw 

I pledge to offer every person I meet with dementia an ear to listen to their voices, a shoulder to cry on or my arm to support them.  This includes all their carers/friends or families – Hannah Docherty

I pledge to make sure I know at least one personal and meaningful thing about the person I am caring for and their cares to make sure they aren’t just known as someone/family that has dementia – Kayleigh Stafford

I pledge to be a human kind ear and a hand on their shoulder.  To call when I say I will do what I say.  I am going to do and if I can’t help I will tell them about someone who can – Kate Tweedie

I pledge to look past the dementia and see the person still there but lost on the disease – Christine Miller

I pledge to learn about and listen to their love stories and what makes them unique – Vicky Leonard

I pledge to ask each patient and family how I can help, and to find out about each patient with dementia so I can engage with them effectively about their lives and likes – Alison Dinning

I pledge to help make a difference to be able to sign post you where help can be found if I don’t know the difference – Peter Russell

My pledge is to make cares feel like they are not alone.  Get past the diagnosis in cases of dementia and see and get to know the person – Susan 

I pledge that I will listen to your needs and make your life as normal for you as possible – Hannah Thomas

I pledge to always know more about you and what matters to you than the physical causes of dementia – Joanne Cooper

I pledge to embed the skills that will help the healthcare workers of the future (into undergraduate health and social care education, all professionals) make that difference – Kirsty Hyndes

I pledge to remember that however small act of kindness isn’t wasted.  Always take time to care and listen – Sue Haines

I pledge to understand the person behind the illness.  To remember the illness affects more that the individual.  To work to make a difference – Adam

I pledge to take the time to ask them about their lives before dementia, to find out about the person.

I pledge to care about each of them as individuals, as a person and as a family, with love and kindness, empathy and care – Ellie Dring

I pledge I will run dementia friends information session to help inform and aid understanding for others about dementia.  I have already done the champion training but not run any sessions yet – Nikola Voce

I pledge to complete dementia champion training then make dementia friends.  If its within my power, to do small acts of kindness of every opportunity – Debra Woods

I pledge to carry on caring – Liz Charalambus

I pledge to always recognise that there is a person, a whole life behind the dementia.  To do my best to get to know that person, not just the syndrome.  And to always remember that kindness is at the heart of person centred care – Rebecca Scorer

My pledge is to talk and find out about the lives of the patients I will and currently be caring for.  I pledge to communicate with families and ask questions as to what I could do to make the care provided for their loved one suited to them.  I will keep in my mind “the little things” and know they make the biggest difference – Jennifer Ross 

I pledge to care for all patients I meet with dementia as well as their families and cares with the kindness and compassion that they deserve.  I pledge to find out more about the lives behind the patients I care for – Madison Warner 

I pledge to make every cares realise what a good job they`re doing and that they`re never alone in this, to realise that we are listening to them and that the person they`re caring for would be so happy and proud of what they`re doing.  I pledge to try my best to make a difference – Alice Conroy 

To the people with dementia I pledge to ask them about who they are and take the time to learn something about the person they were before dementia. To their cares I pledge to ask are you ok? And to be prepared to have the time to listen to their response – Jodi Shaw 

I pledge never to say I am too busy or we are short staffed and listen and try my very best to help or do my best to point you in the right direction – Kim Radford

I pledge to treat everyone I meet with compassion and kindness.

As a lay person I pledge to acknowledge those who are suffering with dementia and their carers and be interested in their stories.



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