Monday, 1 June 2015

Future-Focused Finance value makers add Pledges

Kicking of the first of the talks on this #Carerweek was at the Future-Focused Finance event.
Big thanks to Camilla Godfrey, Programme Co-ordinator at Future-Focused Finance for the invite to speak at the #valuemaker launch on Monday.
We were very honoured to be invited along and looking forward to more talks together later this year.
Thank you also to Gayle and Sam and all the wonderful kindness for so many of the team on twitter, you can follow the work they do or get involved via the #Valuemaker on twitter.
Please take some time to read the amazing pledges below.  You to can make a pledge by sending it to
Thank you
Team Dementia Carer Voices :)

I shall attend a cares forum to listen and better understand what is important to them and what I need to make sure we are building into the services we commission for cares and dementia in particular –Cathy Kennedy
I pledge to look into dementia care @Wye Valley Trust and what work we have been doing.  Look into becoming dementia friend and what this involves – Nicki Emmert
My pledge is to support their message that people with dementia are still people with a history and a story and deserve to be treated as such.  They didn’t choose dementia and deserve kindness and respect like anyone else – Michaela Davitt
I want to give more educating on dementia so people have a better understanding – Sian Jones
I pledge to become a dementia friend, been meaning to do it for ages, todays talk has reminded me – Maggie
My pledge is to use our training events to promote dementia friends, cares voice and get people to make a pledge – Ben Roberts
I pledge I will send the video link out to all members of the finance team at SRFT and try to cascade it trust wide – Mark Reeves
I pledge to use my experience as a carer to inform the decisions I make at work.  To speak out when it is needed and always remember the patient and family not see another number or process – Mark Songhurst
Don’t judge.  Understand and place myself in their shoes.  Help in whatever way I can to raise awareness and promote improvements to care and support services – Susan Kearsley
I pledge to raise awareness in NHS finance about dementia – Sam Sherrington
I pledge to consider and find out about their personal situation and needs in every interaction with or decisions about them – Jason Dean

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