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Health Watch Essex and Broomfield's hospital add pledges to Make A Difference


Good Morning Everyone,

The team would like to begin #carersweek with its first pledge post, by dedicating it to each and every one of you carers out there past and present who are looking after a loved one.  We would like to simply tell you are doing a good job and you are not alone.

Therefore it is with great pleasure that this week we display the pledges from Essex and Broomfields Hospital.

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Massive thanks to Sophie Blythe and all the Healthwatch Essex Team for the invite to speak at their Volunteer Celebration Event at Essex County Ground  last Wednesday.  We were very honoured to be invited as part of the celebration and speak about our Make a Difference Campaign.

The next morning Tommy was interviewed by Tom from HW Essex for their monthly chatterbox podcasts, click here to view.

Later that day Tommy and Sophie where invited to speak at Broomfields Hospital and a big thanks to Shevaun, Daniel, all the team and to everyone who attended for a truly inspiring couple of days in Essex and look forward to returning one day soon.

Thank you from the team for the kindness and wonderful pledges below.

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I pledge to continue to try and educate people to call people by name, to encourage people to listen to a patient’s story, and to honour the person, their loved ones and the person’s faith, so that they have dignity, respect, and quality of life AND a name – Allison Cline-Dean

I pledge, to listen, to hear and to take time – Caroline Pridmore

I pledge to ensure that the patients I look after with dementia are always listen to, aswell as their carers and are given as much support and advice as possible in a time of need – Hannah Seeley

My pledge is to get to know about who the patient is that I get to meet – Darren Tyler

I pledge to care and treat everyone as a person not a condition – Katy Silcox 

I pledge to continue to listen and know more about their love story.  To continue to help reminisce their life – Bernadette 

I pledge to listen to their life story and love story.  To listen to the carers story about their family member.

I pledge to use every opportunity to listen to people with dementia and their cares stories to be kind, compassionate and stop people from feeling alone.

I pledge to take time to get to know each patient I meet with dementia to make sure I give them the best care.

To share their stories with the wider team that are part of caring for them whilst on the ward – Helen Paton

I pledge to take time to listen, help and care – Karen Ricketts 

My pledge is to utilise the dementia support services available within the trust in order to alleviate patients and families’ loneliness, lack of understanding and despair – Amy Dellow

When I approach a patient that has dementia, no matter if it’s a good or bad day for them, I will treat them with dignity and respect and with the biggest smile on my face.  I will also ensure to know more about that patient and their life and interests as those are the small things that make a difference – Tracy 

I pledge to always listen – Barbra O`Leary 

I pledge to ask about a patients history so I can speak to them in hard times to maybe bring back familiarity and to speak to their cares/family and remind them that they are hero`s too – Ellie Sheridan

I pledge to have time for you – Peter 

My pledge is to treat people with dementia and their cares with care and understanding – Janet Tarbun

My pledge is to improve my understanding of what dementia does to people.  To use this to support at least one family who are experiencing dementia – Ken Edwards 

I pledge to infuse our language with love – Irene 

My pledge is to seek a counselling placement where I can help cares to feel listened to – Triss Norman 

My pledge is to become a dementia friend volunteer – Geraldine Rodgers

I pledge to help at least one person who I know who carers or has cared for someone with dementia that they matter and they have done or are doing a good job.  I pledge to ensure that people’s experiences and needs as cares are listened to by providers of care.

I will take time and make sure others do the same.  I will not walk past anyone in need.  I will listen to the person – Kirsty O`Callaghan

I pledge to spend more time with my mother-in-law. In a home for 8 years with little communication but she was lovely with her grandchildren – Linda Riley

I pledge to ask these questions, see the person no the dementia and be that district nurse – Jane 

I live with dementia in my family, I know the system well but cannot navigate or gain the care wee need for my father.  I will use every opportunity to use my own experience to consistently challenge and find the patient/cares voice for all those I come into contact with – Jane Ingram

I pledge that the services we deliver will be those that cares and people living with dementia need and are involved in developing.

I pledge that I will continue to grow the virtual dementia found and help families and care staff really understand dementia.

It is very difficult to cope for the patient and the care but also for the whole family.  Keep going we look up at you.  This is from experience as a carer.

I pledge to make sure all 550 of my staff are trained in understanding the effects of dementia and how to treat people as individuals rather than “suffering with dementia” – Andrew 

Our dear ones who have been caught by dementia may not recognise others, even their own children.  They can no longer become anybody to anyone.  “BUT WE CAN”.  We can become everything to them.  My pledge is that I would ease anybody who is like that as my `own PARENTS`.  Thus I can bring up their smiles again – Nishad

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