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- Health Innovation Conference 11th - 12 March 2016, Carlisle,Cumbria


With great thanks to Gareth Presch @GarethPresch for taking time to write about the inspiring Health Innovation Conference 11th - 12 March 2016, Carlisle, Cumbria he is currently working on 
I have been watching the insprirng conversations on Twitter about the event and I am grateful to Gareth for taking time to share his thoughts and ideas ,I have personally held the date in my diary and hope you might too.You can follow Gareth on Twitter for more details and progress @GarethPresch


Opportunity Knocks!  The ‘time for change’ is what sprang to mind last Thursday when we realised that patients, clinicians and managers have the chance to come together to improve quality patient care as a community. Conversations with like-minded peers on Twitter were the inspiration for this exciting initiative. I’ve always been patient focused, but the community spirit is something new to me, if I’m honest. My understanding of the importance of community collaboration stems from a meeting I attended in Manchester a few months ago. Dr Amir Hannan invited me to attend a meeting about collaboration within the community that delivers positive change . What we witnessed that day has inspired me to embrace community collaboration to deliver quality patient care in health and social care.


We’ve adopted Cumbria as my home, being originally from Dublin, and we want to share this region with everyone to show how inspiring it can be. I’ve recently joined Carlisle Ambassadors and their vision is to promote the local community in Carlisle to make it a better place to live and work – this ideology is exactly what we hope will spread as result of this conference. We aim to bring people together to share knowledge and life experiences so we can deliver for our community, in the areas of disability, children, adolescents and beyond. How we use I.T and social media will become important support tools, and I hope this is an area we can develop at the conference. If we are successful we will not only change things for today, but for tomorrow and generations to come. 


Everyone is invited who has an interest in improving quality patient care through innovation and working together, including patients, clinicians, managers, businesses and the public. This event is about supporting each other to improve our health and wellbeing by being innovative. The support has been incredible and it is a credit to everyone who has shown an interest in the event – this gives us hope as it shows people pulling together, using their own time and resources for the common good. We will bring together a group of people determined to make positive changes. This is something we’re passionate about – we know, together, we can do this and we can deliver.

We hope to create an environment that encourages questions and although we may not find all the answers we’ll have started to change things for the greater good. We have some fantastic people who have life experiences and delivered throughout their career willing to come and share their knowledge, so we can learn from them in order to improve health and social care in our communities  – and we hope they too can learn from others attending. 


Our aspiration is that we can bring innovation to the Great Border City, so I say “Be Just and Fear Not”.

Together we Inspire



If you would like to get involved please email or contact us directly via Twitter @HIC2016 @garethpresch #worldhealthinnovationsummit

Together we can inspire sustainable quality health care that benefits the wider community. We look forward to seeing you in Carlisle, 11th/12th March 2016 (venue TBC)


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