Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Another busy week 5 #Talks - Darlington - Giffnock - Possillpark-Southern General Hospital


Another busy week 5 #Talks - Darlington - Giffnock - Possillpark - Southern General   


My wee tour continues this week with 4 talks which is talk,I am now at talks 289 of 364 on my ' Make a Difference tour that  startled middle of last year 

My first talk this week will be Monday in Darlington With Great thanks to Jo Rogerson Modern Matron West Park Hospital for the kind invite to speak at a series of workshops being held West Park Hospital Monday will be my 5th talk of 5there 

On Tuesday I have two talks East Renfrewshire CHCP. Dickie Building, Burnfield Rd, Giffnock,the first talk will be to AHPs,District Nurses,CPN's and then to students who are on placement at the health centre,with great thanks to Fiona Ralph,Team Lead/Advanced Nurse Practitioner,East Renfrewshire CHCP for the invite and arraigning 

Wednesday I have kindly been invited to speak at Possillpark  connections group .A big thank you to Sandra Barber Health Improvement Senior- Anticipatory Care for the invite to speak at the group meeting 

Finally on Thursday I have been invited to speak at The Southern General Hospital patient and carer core group. With great thanks to Yvonne Neilson Health Improvement Senior-Long Term Conditions Public Health Directorate for invited me along to speak at the hospital reference group meeting 

Thank you to all of the above I am very honored to be invited and looking forward to meeting everyone this week 

Thank you 


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