Tuesday, 11 October 2016

NSS Local Intelligence Support Team

Local intelligence support is tailored and responsive to meet local needs and priorities. It aims to have a positive impact on your strategic commissioning plans. This work builds on NSS ISD developments including the Health and Social Care Data Integration and Intelligence Project and the Integrated Resource Framework.

The LIST team were asked to do a piece of work with the Dementia Carer Voices, and we were happy to go along to the ALLIANCE and meet with Tommy, irene    and the team to see if we could help.  From the outset it was quite apparent how passionate Tommy is about the Dementia Carer Voices’ ‘You Can Make a Difference’ campaign and this rubs off on everyone around him. For those who have been to one of his talks they will have filled in a pledge card (a personal pledge on how you could do one thing to make a difference for someone with dementia and their families), now multiply that card by the thousands and this is where we came in.

Dementia Carer Voices saw the value in these pledges and didn’t want them lost so started typing them into a document and posting them on the website.  They then wondered if they could possibly be used in some other way to see if there were any patterns forming in job roles etc.  We, the NSS Local Intelligence Support Team place information specialists to work on-sites with Health and Social Care Partnerships, Community Planning Partnerships and Local Authorities.
Through LIST our partners gain access to a wide range of services to help inform an evidence base for decision making. These include outcomes monitoring, benchmarking, data validation, dataset design, statistical analysis, interpretation, data visualisation and data management.  Contact LIST for more information

We discussed the needs/wants with ALLIANCE and subsequently LIST created an analysis tool for the project to help them capture the thousands of pledges they have collected from carers and various health professionals throughout the UK.  The tool also helps to categorise the free text data from the pledges.  The structured grouping of pledges will allow analysis to be carried out, with an aim to provide meaningful outputs to be shared with a wide variety of audiences.
Going forward and with many more pledges still coming in we are happy to continue working with the ALLIANCE in the hope of delivering meaningful outputs which matches the hard work carried out by the Dementia Carer Voices project.
Themina Mohammed (LIST, NSS) & Susan Crawford (Scottish Cancer Trials & Research Unit, NSS)

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