Thursday, 2 June 2011

Busiest day ever?


Well, I was a busy man before I started caring for my mum and I've definitely been kept busy as a carer, but I think Monday may be just about the busiest day of my life! So many people have got involved and so many places want to support 'Tommy on Tour' - it's absolutely incredible. So I'm putting it all down here in the hope that my blog readers can help keep me to time.

9am - Go to Hampden to meet the Chief Exec of the SFA, Stewart Regan, and collect some letters. I used to spend a lot of time in Hampden when I did the music gigs and it'll be great to see it again. Big thanks to AnneMarie Arthur for making this happen.

9.30am until - Bellahouston Sports Centre for the start of my walk. If everyone turns up that says they're going to turn up, then it's going to be really busy here! Some people have said they want to walk with me for the first mile. That's great, but please be careful. No walking on the road and no disrupting the traffic, or I'll get into bother at the next stop, which is...

10.15am - Helen Street police station. The lads at Strathclyde Police, especially Stuart Horsburgh, have been real stars in helping me get this walk off the ground.

10.40am - Rangers Charity Foundation at Ibrox. Big thanks to Gillian McKelvie for sorting this one out, putting stuff about my walk on their website and just being so helpful.

11.30am - Nicola Sturgeon MSP, contituency office on Paisley Rd West. The Deputy First Minister been keeping a close eye on my plans for my walk is really keen to read the letters you send me.

12.50pm (or thereabouts) - Lourdes Secondary School on Kirriemuir Ave. The kids here are doing a fantastic project on caring. It's great to know that the next generation are taking a real interest in dementia and I can't wait to see the sort of work they've been doing.

2pm - Celtic Park at Parkhead. Cheers again to AnneMarie Arthur for setting this one up, and so quickly too.

3pm - Strathclyde Fire & Rescue HQ in Hamilton. Big thanks to Louise Barclay for setting this one up. Meeting a couple of Chief Commissioners, collecting some letters and I've even been promised a cup of tea and a sandwich. Can't say fairer than that!

5pm - Motherwell FC at Fir Park. Hopefully meeting the Chief Exec of Alzheimer Scotland, Henry Simmons, plus Allan Burrows, Motherwell's Head of Media. Perhaps even a player too.

Phew, whit a day! If you see me out and about, say hi and give me a wave. It'll keep my energy up!



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