Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Dundee & Perth today!

Hiya everyone!

Another great day yesterday. I was at the dementia drop-in at St Mary's Cathedral in Aberdeen and I met some amazing people. I also heard some truly awe-inspiring stories: loads of folks coping with some really difficult stuff on a daily basis. I take my hat off to them, I really do. They've promised to send me some letters. I hope they do - those are the sorts of stories that our leaders need to read.

Later in the day I was off to Dundee and I got caught in the lovely 'summer' weather. Just as well I've got my 'Tommy on Tour' waterproof!

Me outside Dundee train station.

I was heading over to the dementia lecture at Ninewells. Some lovely ladies there recognised me off the TV and said I had to say something at the lecture. Not used to being a celebrity! Still I said a few words (I was really nervous!) and lots more people took my flyers, which was great. The more letters the better.

Did a quick interview on Radio Tay this morning, before heading over to the Dementia Resource Centre on Morgan Street. The Alzheimer Scotland Memory Bus will be there too. Then it's off to Perth this afternoon. Busy times!



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  1. You look very wet and cold in that photo - ahhh the great Scottish summer! Ann Y


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