Friday, 10 June 2011

Home baking in Edinburgh


Today I was at the head office of Alzheimer Scotland in the west end of Edinburgh. I got a tour through the building - from finance to fundraising - and got to meet loads of staff. Even had a wee photo with them, as you can see below!

Me and the Alzheimer Scotland team in Edinburgh

They laid on a sandwich lunch for me, with some lovely homebaking from Maureen (who's been following me in the Memory Bus for most of the week) and Tricia. Some really nice words were said and I got a wee bit choked up. That's happened to me a few times this week. It's never got any easier, speaking in public. Still do it though. For my wee mum.

Like I said yesterday, this isn't the end of the tour. Not yet. I want to give carers enough time to get their letters and emails in, so the tour will be rolling on (just not quite so busy!) until at least the end of June. I'd really like to get to some more carers' centres, to more places on the west coast, and to talk to more people. It's been a real privilage to meet so many wonderful people this past week. I'll never forget the man I met in Aberdeen. He was in his mid-80s and he was looking after his wife, who was about 82. He'd been caring for her for 10 years and she's much further on than my mum. But he coped so well and he was so patient. I take my hat off to that man - he's an inspiration, as are so many like him.

Tomorrow I'm back in the dear green place. It's the 21st birthday of Alzheimer Scotland's Glasgow services and I'm going along to their family fun day at Glasgow Green. Hope the weather stays nice and I hope lots of people come along.

All the best,


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