Friday, 22 August 2014

August 22nd 2012 First Minister Nicola Sturgeon visits my mum home


I have been reading back through my blog ,mums journey with dementia ,and our wee campaign and the post below came up a month to the day before mum passed away and I thought I would re- post the day mum had a very special visitor 

On the 22nd August 2012 Scotland's First Minsiter Nicola Sturgeon came to visit my mum at home and hold her had  and I am so very grateful for the kindness we felt and I continue to receive  to this  day 

August 22nd 2012 

we had a visitor at home Yesterday (we don’t get many) the Deputy First  and health minister Nicola Sturgeon came to visit and meet my mum and have a wee look at life at home caring for a loved one

It was a very private visit and the fulfillment of a promise made when we last met to discuss the letters I receive and I am grateful as I have spent a lot of time over the last year discussing my mums life in public on my quest  to raise awareness  I first contacted the DFM  over a year ago to tell her of my plans to collect life stories and she promised if I did she would  invite me speak at parliament and read the letters I collected  .

A few months back When we met , the DFM  asked if she could meet my mum ,my personal reason  the MUM. behind my campaign As mum is a biggest part of my life and campaign 

 I am happy to say that promise was  fulfilled today A private visit and discussion but very moving 

due to  my mums health she is unable to come with me on my talks ,when I had the privilege of handing over letters and speaking in one of the rooms at the Scottish Parliament last year  I was proud to do so and wished my mum could have been there.Today part of the Scottish Parliament came to meet my mum  in her home and the biggest part of my life and tour was the biggest part of a special day 

With thanks to the DFM for reading our life stories and keeping the promises she has made this son to date and for taking time to meet the mum behind this campaign 

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  1. Well done to you Thomas and also to Nicola Sturgeon for taking the time to come to you and your mum, this should give her a good insight to how home caring affects the life of everyone , your mum would be so proud of you , I know I am.


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