Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The ALISS Programme team make their pledges -find our more about The ALISS Programme and pledges here


The ALISS Programme team make their pledge to Dementia Carer Voices…
Tommy’s Story
The first time the ALISS team heard Tommy share his story, we were reminded of why the ALISS Programme will make such a difference to people like Tommy and his mum Joan.
Tommy spoke about feeling lost: no one helped him find support, when in fact there was support available all around in the community. The ALISS (A Local Information System for Scotland) Programme aims to help people find useful community resources, so that people like Tommy don’t feel alone and unsupported.
The ALISS programme team have made their pledge to support the Dementia Carers Voices project, to support the work that Tommy and his team are doing to help raise awareness and promote a fuller understanding of the carer journey. We pledge to continue our own work, in order that people who are disabled, living with long term conditions or delivering unpaid care can find the support they need.

Individual pledges
Jane Ankori, ALISS Programme Director
I pledge to ensure ALISS is available across Scotland, in order that people like Tommy and his mum can easily find sources of support within their own communities.

Lesley Roome, ALISS Programme Development Officer
I pledge to encourage and promote support within communities in Scotland. Helping people find support that is available to them, which could improve their health and wellbeing

Kevin Brolly, Lead Technical Officer
I pledge to use technology to help people easily find sources of support across Scotland

Lorna Prentice, ALISS Programme Administrator
I pledge to show kindness, treating people with the respect they deserve and will help to promote self-management support in Scotland

Andy Hyde, ALISS consultant
I pledge to work with people living with long term conditions and their carers in the development of new information services – we’ll build better signposting services by creating them together

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