Saturday, 2 August 2014

Thank you Warrington and Halton Hospitals #wonderfulWarrington

 With great thanks to Karen Dawber (Director Nursing ) Mel Pickup (Chief Executive ) Debby Hatton,Debbie Hammond ,Alison lynch, Lee Bushels And all the team  at Warrington  and Halton Hospitals for kind invite to speak at their conference on Thursday  in the Education Centre Warrington Hospital

I along with great friends Chris Mason and Jayne Goodrick ( who gave a Dementia  Friends session to the board the day before) had the great privilege to visit Warrington Hospital a few months back after a talk we were speaking at together in Wigan and we were so inspired by all the work being done by and all the team ( you can read more about our visit here WonderfulWarrington  )  A big thank you to all the team for the kind invite.

for the second time this year I have left warrington feeling inspired and so very impressed by the passion  staff have in both caring for peolpe and the wonderful new wards 

Thank you so much for the kindness, pledges and for all you do 

You can read some of the pledges  and view some photos of the fantastic new wards and garden below 

Thank you 


My pledge is to make sure I am that district nurse and that I set that example.

I pledge to always work to improve my knowledge and understanding of the needs of people with dementia and the needs of their families and carers.

I pledge to continue to inspire and support my team to make a true difference to every single patient we care for – Deb Hatton (Matron)

My dad, looking after him is a pleasure, been doing since his diagnosis in 2004.  My pledge is to continue to do so for the rest of his precious life.  I will also do the same for every patient in my care with respect, giving dignity, devotion, kindness and support, also to families with great understanding – Amanda

I pledge to take the time to know my patients story – Paula Flynn (Deputy Ward Manager)

I pledge as a soon to be newly qualified nurse, to care for and protect my patients upholding dignity and respect.  I will get to know my patients stories supporting their loved ones –Courtney Grundle

To always try and get to know about their lives, family, friends and interests – to help care be person centred.

To share my knowledge of dementia with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to help them when dementia is a part of their life.

My pledge to do what I can, with kindness, love and compassion – Jayne

As dementia support worker for Alzheimer’s Society I will strive to support, inform and care for all 
people living with dementia and the people caring for them.  In my work and private life I will 

endeavour to raise public awareness of dementia.

My pledge for all professionals is to refer cares to their local carers centre – Carers Trust

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DCV photo DementiaCarerRGBlandscape3_zpsa2f3d5ff.jpg

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