Sunday, 2 February 2014

Love is all around


Last week was the busiest of weeks. Starting last Monday with the Celebration of Caring Concert and then speaking at 4 events, Watford at the hospice St Francis,  London 6cs Live Conference,  Monday night in Birmingham at the Heart of England hospital and finally yesterday at the BCDA dignity event. 

I have done many talks over the last few years most of them during the day and returning home in theearly evening and my social life since is pretty much non-existent. 6 years caring will do that to you and since mum passed away I have not ventured out much socially. 

Caring is about love, the letters I receive are about love and the talks, concert and campaign are most definitely  based on love.

The concert last week was joyous – a night I will never forget. The people, the music, that feeling.Sitting on the train back to Glasgow just now thinking back over it all has been quite emotional 

A few things stand out. With not really going out often over of the last 6 years, the joy at the concert made my heart smile. Walking through Covent Garden a few nights ago watching people smiling holding hands being in love. Watching people meeting at the various train stations running towards each other with smiles so wide and eyes full of joy and in to the arms of someone the love and have missed and the happiness of friends meeting was a joy to view. 

I used to go out all the time many moons ago and never took time to notice the fact that love is all around. Too often caring leaves no time for such social activities or travel or meeting old friends but always time for love. We should be supporting people across society to allow more time for love stories, they are wonderful to view and often to hard to appreciate and achieve. 

What does person centred care mean to me ? 

That's easy. Supporting, encouraging and playing a part in other people’s love stories. If you do that you will give families the greatest of chances, joy and life. 


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  1. Hi Tommy - totally agree!
    Wee quote from my blog last week...
    Caring: I think it's really about people sharing and essentially caring about each other, just getting by the best way they can and sharing a little love along the way!

    Keep strong my friend!
    (((hugs))) Maz x


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