Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Earlier today speaking Glasgow Kelvin College NC Social Care Level 5& 6 Students " you can make a difference " tour 2014 #talk7

great to meet all the team and students earlier today at Kelvin College .Thank you for the opportunity to speak today 

and a big thank you for the kindness and pledges as part of the You Can Make A Difference Tour 2014 

with Pam and a few of the students after the talk 



with great thanks to Pam Currie Curriculum Leader Faculty of Science, Health & Care Glasgow Kelvin College for inviting me to speak to NC Social Care Level 5& 6 Students on February 4th 

I look forward to meeting the students and speaking about my wonderful mum ,the  letters I receive ,the people I meet .dementia .caring and the Dementia Carer Voices Project 

thank you Pam for the opportunity 


There would be two groups of students – a group  from Pathways Social Science & Care, who are studying a unit called Health Sector: An Introduction. Part of this unit involves them investigating Health Care services offered to patients and carers for a variety of conditions and health care needs. The other group of students are a group  from NC Social Care Level 5, who are studying a unit called Understanding the Needs of the Older Person. We’d also invite any interested students from HNC Social Care and our NC Social Care Level 6 group, some of whom are on placements working with service users who have dementia, and there might be one or two Psychology students with an interest in dementia and working in this sector.

The students are a mix of mature and younger students, including some students who will have had experience of caring for a family member or voluntary/paid experience in the care sector, although most will not have had much ‘hands on’ experience as they’re at a relatively early stage in their studies.

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