Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Final day Grampian tour 4 talks @ Robert Gordon University

Today was the last day of my tour with NHS Grampian. 

Thank you so much to NHS Grampian, Heather Lyn and Dianne for looking after me.

Robert Gordon University, Una Lyon, Moray College Elgin and the Acorn Centre Inverurie and to all who have put such great effort and arranged a great tour of various venues across the Grampian area to engage with staff working within the health and social care sectors over the last three days.

Thank you so much to every single person who took time to attend the talks over the last 3 days. 

A big Thank you to Una Lyon from Robert Gordon University for the kind invite and for organising the last four talks of the tour-today in partnership with NHS Grampian at Robert Gordon University. Today was the final day and I had the great privilege to speak to nursing students at the faculty of health and social care.  

Thank you to all who took time to attend, for the kindness, pledges, support and encouragement 


Thank you 



                                         A few Nursing students from the talks earlier today 




  1. Thanks Tommy for coming to Elgin today. Really appreciated it and glad you felt we were encouraging and kind. Just one thing to add, we all as good citizen's have a responsibility to our neighbours and if we know a neigbour with dementia we don't need to be a professional to take a bit of time out to reduce the isolation etc. It may also interest you to know that 4 senior pupils (age 16) from Lossiemouth High School who hope to apply for nursing next year attended your talk today in Elgin. They went away inspired and I guess you and your wee mum will have made an impact they will never forget. Keep speaking Tommy.. we're listening.. from the daft wee wifie that gave you her glasses today! Thought they really suited you. x

  2. Hi tommy,
    I am one of the nursing students that attended one of your talks at RGU today. I just wanted to thank you for coming along and sharing you and your mum's experiences. I found your talk incredibly moving and inspirational and have so much respect for you as a carer and for your mum for staying strong through her battle with dementia. You have really shown me that I can make a difference one family at a time and how being a good nurse can mean the world to some people. I start my first placement on Monday and am going to keep your story in mind when helping patients and carers.

    Thanks again for talking to us today


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