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The Person-Centred Health and Care Collaborative - five key ‘Must Do With Me’ areas

Person-Centred Health and Care Collaborative 

The Person-Centred Health and Care Collaborative is a key part of a Scotland wide programme of work aimed at improving health and care services so that they are focused on people, their families and carers. The collaborative aims to bring together people from every NHS board area in Scotland to:
  • Raise the profile of person-centred approaches to care across Scotland including staff health and wellbeing.
  • Develop and test a range of evidence based interventions and approaches designed to improve person-centred care.
  • Focus on what can be done now to improve services.
  • Provide reliable opportunities to personalise support for every person all of the time.
  • Encourage sharing of ideas and approaches between people who use services and people who provide them.
  • Promote the use of approaches for obtaining feedback from people who use services.
  • Utilise feedback from people who use services to drive improvement.
  • Provide a framework to measure improvement.

Our approach

The collaborative takes a humans rights based approach to health and care that respects the personal experiences of the individual by:
  • Empowering them to make the most of their life by inviting their participation in important decisions about their own health and care
  • Encouraging and supporting person-centredness using tools and approaches for maximising personal assets and supported self management
We promote and support systems for listening to the experiences of people who use services and use their feedback to drive improvement and make care more person-centred.
Practical improvements to person-centred care are promoted and supported through five key ‘Must Do With Me’ areas:

1. What matters to you? (click for more)

Your personal goals and the things that are important to you have been discussed and form the basis of your care or treatment.

2. Who matters to you? (click for more)

We have asked you about the people that matter most in your life and we have given you the opportunity to involve them in the way that you choose.

3. What information do you need? (click for more)

We have provided you with understandable full information and supported you to make decisions that take account of your personal goals and the things that are important to you.

4. Nothing about me without me (click for more)

You will always be given the opportunity to be involved in discussions. All information exchanges and communication between professionals or between different services or supports are transparent and always provide you with the opportunity either to be present or to contribute to the process.

Together these five “Must Do With Me” areas will help to ensure that all of the interactions between people using services and the staff delivering them are characterised by listeningdignitycompassion and respect.

How we work

Our collaborative team takes forward a range of work to support front line staff to develop reliable processes and measure outcomes for person-centred care.
This includes:
  • Working with programme managers to further develop the “Your Care Experience” survey tool
  • holding fortnightly WebEx calls alternating for sharing practice-based learning among test teams
  • visiting local boards to share learning and provide help and guidance
  • Coordinating and supporting national learning events to help boards develop their person centred improvement agenda
Find out more about our work and our learning sessions.

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  1. If all services used these five principles we would be in such a better position than we are now.Simple but essential


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