Sunday, 2 November 2014

Paul Gray, Chief Exec,NHS Scotland pledges support to Campaign and staff Pledges


With great thanks to Paul Gray, Chief Exec, NHS Scotland for taking time to attend our exhibition at the Scottish Parliament last week and for taking part in our short film about the pledges 

Paul kindly met with me as I started my tour and made a pledge to help us on our way 
In fact we share that pledge on our pops ups and flyers 

Thank you Paul for the support and for the pledge today supporting staff pledges 

Paul Gray, Chief Exec, NHS Scotland

We are hearing from individuals about what they think they can do.

I think the emphasis there on that wording – “you can make a difference” – the first word is: “you”.  That means people, individuals, can make a difference. 

And the second word is “can”. It is within our grasp to make a difference and I think it’s really important that we realise this.

I also think that, from my perspective, I need to listen to the voices of carers, because in my life experience I have not been a carer so I cant say that I know what it would be like to do that, and that’s why I think it is hugely important that I listen to and learn from the real experiences of carers.

I wish you every success with you endeavours. I think you’re creating a real impetus behind this programmeand I think it will be of benefit to the people of Scotland and I think the wider international community areinterested in what we’re doing.

I think it’s really important that we are demonstrating top class practice and hearing the voices of care and making changes as a result.

And I just what to assure all our staff of NHS Scotland that I am completely supportive of them giving their testimony as to what they will do in relation to this programme

So, to me, it’s about hearing voices and answering to those voices that we hear.

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