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Get Involved - Dementia Carer Voices

Thank you very much for your interest in getting involved with the Dementia Carer Voices project. There are a number of ways you can do so, detailed below.

Make a pledge   pledge

The team have been encouraging people to make a pledge; a promise to make a difference in the lives of people with dementia, their families and their carers. Please email your pledge to

Tweet us!  twitter

Follow us on twitter and tell us your thoughts @DementiaCarerVo
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The March Dementia Carer Voices Newsletter is now out!
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YouTube  untitled

Take a look at the Dementia Carer Voices YouTube channel and keep up to date with the latest films and interviews.

Events  calendar

Please find attached a list of upcoming talks for this year. If you would like to attend one of the talks, please get in touch using the contact form below.

April 2015
  • 01.04.15 Speaking at Making Links Event in Mitchell Library
  • 01.04.15 Cross Party Working Group on Dementia, Glasgow City Chambers
  • 07.04.15 Speaking at Pendine Park, Wrexham
  • 08.04.15  GCU Social Work Students – Irene and Tommy Session
  • 14.04.15  Speaking in Hull, Management Team in Care Homes
  • 15.04.15 Speaking at 6Cs Conference, Sleaford
  • 16/17.04.15 Hospital Caterers Association National Conference , Glasgow Hilton
  • 21.04.15 Speaking at Trust Dementia Conference at Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham
  • 24.04.15 2 Talks – TEWY Country Durham, GP Surgeries
May 2015
  • 05.05.15 Dementia Programme Board – Edinburgh
  • 12.05.15 Royal Wolverhampton – Nurses Day
  • 12.05.15 Speaking at Nursing Conference, Loughborough University
  • 14.05.14 Speaking at Hertfordshire International Nurses Day Conference
  • 19.05.15 3 talks Bart’s health NHS Trust
  • 20.05.15 Hinchenbook Hospital, Cambridge
  • 21.05.15 Speaking at BCDA Birmingham
  • 22.05.15 Speaking to Social Works, Edinburgh City Council
  • 28.05.15 Speaking at Competency update event, Edinburgh
June 2015
  • 15.06.15 Speaking at I Care Conference, University of Bedfordshire, Luton
  • 19.06.15 Speaking at Nursing Conference, Oxleas
September 2015
  • 03.09.15 Teesside University Nursing Conference
October 2015
10.10.15 Chester Plus Mental Health Awareness Day


Have you attended one of the Make a Difference talks? Let us know what you think! We’ve gathered some of our latest feedback but would love to hear your thoughts on the project, the campaign or the talks. Please let us know by using the contact form below.

Get in Touch

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